2.2 Defining Networks with the OSI Model Part 2 - MTAN

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what Come back to Cy Bury Empty, A 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
As a reminder, this is continuation of modern Number two.
Now, in the previous video was dealt specifically with margin number to risk us the following topics, though it's our model,
an overview of the O. S. I model
analysis comparison, and we rounded out that particular presentation by discussing module design. In this particular presentation, we gonna discuss riel vertical communication
as well as effective hearts on a communication.
Let's begin this particular presentation by first all taking a look at our pre assessment question
and is as follows. What's the definition of riel hards on our communication?
Is it a Is the transmission of information between people, divisions, departments, air units within the same level organization Harkey? Or is it B? Is it fine when service's are received from the lay above it and provide to the layer about blow it? Or is it See it uses an instance
without service toe all associate layers Or is it d?
It transmits the package to all of US ports and thus to all the other PCs on the network.
If you said like a You are absolutely correct.
So let's begin by first, all defining exactly what riel verdict communications all about.
Now, when you think about really vertical communication, it's the communication where information or message flow between or among the subordinates ends appearance off an organization.
In this next graphic presentation, it illustrates again vertical communication. So
vertical communication is communication where information on messages flow within the top level, often organizational structure and the bottom levels off the organizational structure without communicating with superiors and subordinates. No organization runs a single day communication with the proper level
and the lower love employees is very much essential for organization.
So what are some of the advantages again, off this type of again, this type of design that we have illustrated here
conveying the message of subordinates again? Obviously, that's one of the advantages maintaining good labor management relations. It also maintained organizational discipline.
Are you also able explain policy and procedure plans? You have effected decision making. We also helps in what we call decentralization. Duties and responsibility can be delegated among departments to vertical communication.
It also avoids bypass, In other words, on the dis communication system, superior and subordinate what they do. They exchange message directly so there's no chance to bypassing. We also have abilities to maintain that chain of command proper. Chain of command is easily maintained through vertical communication systems.
Also a sign and jobs and valuing performance. Vertical communication. Phyllis eight Jobs assignment and job evaluation of the employees also have increased efficiency. So
it we know all the advantages, wants something disadvantages, and they are as follows You have been laid processing other words, very communications system. Is it a late process
again, disturbing again distributing what we call discipline this communication. If the boss role of direction is seen by doubtful eyes by the subordinates, the chain of command dissident may be broken
again. Efficiency reduces. Because of this particular design, you have lost loss of distortion of information. Other words. Information may be fabricated by the employees to maintain Lincoln Lee channels. So, through this communication information may lose its originality. It all has reduces relationship.
You have a slowness in this system.
You also have negligence of superiors, and Mr Communications Fears can negate neglect. Other words to send a message to their subordinates Because of this particular design,
so let's make it effective. Horse on a communication Now when you think about effect horsey hard on a communication, it's the transmission of information between people or parts, often organization on the same level off the organization hierarchy.
Some advantage of horse owner communication, clue increased cooperation and efficiency between people and units across an organization.
But when you look again at something again and bandages again, horizontal communication present some distinct advantages. It decreases misunderstanding between departments working on the same product, thereby increasing efficiency as well. It's port activity now, in terms of disadvantages. Hordes on the communication
does come with some disadvantages.
Mansion may have a greater problem maintaining control as hard on communication increases. This is in the park because the banishment can derive much control and power if it controls the flow of information
hard on. The communication can also create conflict conflict between employees exposed to each other through the communication process. It also more time consuming it. Very communication required to ratify decision made doing what we call hards on a communication,
so we use the concept layer in an ideal in life. As an example, let's consider two friends who communicate through postal mail. The prices of sending a letter to your friend would be complex if there was no service is available from the post office
and everyday example. Consider situation in which you are very familiar with sitting a package of male construct on the division of responsibilities that it'll spread in this particular slide. How does each person group rely on others? To do the job? Consider riel vertical communication. Consider effective horizontal communication.
Now This affect the horse on communication is between like levels off a model at each end.
Similarly hard on the communication takes place with the immediate knows riel direct communications vertical with one exception when you're looking at bottom or physical layer, in other words,
so what do the letters do? Each layer has named it responsibility.
Typically, vertical interactions are simple.
Also, the total system solves the problem, each less off some aspect of the problem. So again, this is kind of drawn, an illustration or contrast between again. When we look at the S I model.
So we look at protocols. When computers communicate with each other, there needs to be a common set of rules and instruction that each computer follows a specific set of communication route is called a protocol. Because of the many ways computers can communicate with each other, there are many different protocols out there
two minutes for the average person to remember. Some examples these different protocols include P p P, P, P U, have, T c P, I P. You have it sip SL i p h c G P, which stands for hypertext transport protocol. You have FTP with stands for file transfer protocol.
Can you guess what the last p in each of these acronym stands for?
If you guess protocol, sing yourself a congratulations type email, so protocols are very useful in terms. Analysis enables. Compare as well. Ask troubleshoot.
Let's finish that this president by taking a look at a post assessment question.
What's the definition? Riel? Vertical communication?
Is it A. It's the transmits information between people, divisions, departments or division within the same level. Organization Harkey. Or is it? B is a fine one. Service's are received from the lay above it and provided to the layer below it. Or is it C? A. Using instance to provide service is to all associate layers.
Or is it the
is that communicates working, where information or message floor between among the subordinates and superior over the organization.
If she's like a day, you're absolutely correct.
So let's take a look at what we discuss. During this particular presentation. We discuss again real vertical communication as well as effective horse on the communications. We look at the differences between hard on the borough communication, meaning when information flows between persons holding the same position and the organization's call horizontal communication.
One communicates it cures between superiors and subordinates.
It's called vertical communication
and upcoming presentation. We were discussing the seven layers over the US Our model will begin in the next video by discussing Layer one, which is a physical layer and moving on to layer number two data link layer.
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