2.1 Why You Should Use the Tor Browser

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Hello, peoples of the Interwebs. This is tensed over and welcome to the next video in our comprehensive guy to the Tor browser. So far we've discussed all the aspects of the Web in the history of tour. Now we're diving into Why should you use tour to the next lesson? You will start the hands on installing a tor browser before we get much further into this course.
Let's go over the pre Rex,
which there aren't any.
This video's on. Why should you use Tor browser in the first place? That this is your first video with me? Welcome aboard.
I would recommend going back watching previous videos as that deal with the different webs
in the history of wear and what tor project started
as you can read here. Basic networking is a plus, but not required. Also, you basically just have a need and or a want to be anonymous online this. But she says I s P s or Internet service providers Ken, log all that you're doing
due to the fact we're in discussions now of the Deep Web, dark lab and Dark Net. I'm going to give you the proper tools, teach you how to use them and advise on how to safely navigate the deep Web Dark Web dark Next. With that set, this is not an endorsement of going there illegally at your place of work or home. Nor,
unfortunately, if anything should happen to you,
your equipment or any other possessions is cyber or myself liable. Please be careful.
Okay, so as we discussed Torrez software and a global network of servers that exist to provide a layer of privacy and security to people's online activities, it does that by making those activities more difficult to monitor and trace back to their sources
and their officials. Overview the tour project maintainers say that you can think of what toward does using a twisty, hard to follow route in order to throw off somebody who's telling you.
And then I periodically raising your footprints,
your traffic. It's intermingled with other Tor browsers,
and as a global tour user base grows, the path gets twist here and twist here. Data on the tor network is encrypted in layers. Hence the project's original name, the Onion Router, and moves around be a system of relays were getting those later those relays peel one layer of encryption to figure out where sending data to next, so individual relay never knows the full
Who uses tour?
Yes, shoppers who frequent underground market places on the dark Web like the Silk Road and off Obey used tour. But there are plenty of other reasons people use it.
Reporters without Borders, they by journalists, sources, bloggers and dissidents to use tour to ensure their privacy and safety. Tour is part of secure drop
open source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to secure the accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources. Many news organizations You secure drop, including the Associated Press, The Washington Post, New York Times, CBC, ProPublica
and More. Tour preserves the ability of people behind national firewalls or under the surveillance of repressive regimes. To obtain a global
perspective on controversial topics including democracy, economics and religion.
Citizen journalists and China used toward right about local events to encourage social change and political reform. Citizens and journalists and Internet black holes used toward to research state propaganda and opposing viewpoints to file stories with non state controlled media and to avoid risking the personal consequences of intellectual curiosity.
Law enforcement
tour is great for online surveillance. It allows, officials asserted, questionable websites and service is without leaving telltale tracks. The system. The mystery of legal gambling site, for example, Where to see multiple connections from government or law enforcement i P addresses and their usage logs investigations. Maybe Hamburg Tour is also great for sting operations. Similarly,
anonymity allows law officers to engage in online undercover
operations regardless of how good undercover officers street credit. Maybe if the communications include I p ranges from police addresses. Cover's blown
tor being anonymous allows for truly anonymous tip lines. While online anonymous tip lines are popular without anonymity, software they're far less useful. Sophisticated sources understand that although a name or email address is not attached to information, server logs can identify them very quickly.
As a result, tip line websites that do not encourage anonymity
are limiting this worst of her tips.
Business executives
say financial institution participates in a security clearing house of information on attacks. Such a depository requires members report breaches to a central group who correlate attacks to detect coordinated patterns and send out alerts accordingly.
But, for example, of a certain bank in ST Louis has breached. They don't want attacker watching incoming traffic to be able to track where information is coming from. Even though every packet was encrypted, the I P addresses would betray the location of compromise systems Tour. Allow such repositories to stay resistant from compromise.
We're also allows
for you to see your competition as your market does. If you try check out competitors pricing. You may find no information or misleading information on their website. This is because of their Web servers may be keyed to certain type connections I P addresses from competitors and block or spread disinformation. Because of that
tour allows the business to view their sector as the general public would see it.
frequently we hear about bloggers who are sued or fired for saying perfectly legal things online, and they're blawg.
We recommend the FF legal guy for bloggers. Here's a website.
Global Voice maintains a guy to anonymous blogging with WordPress and tour so outdated with information is still really good. So this is great for bloggers to use the Tor browser to keep things anonymous.
I t professionals to verify i p based firewall rolls the fire. 1 may have some policies that only allow certain I P addresses or Ranges Tour can be used to verify these configurations by using an I P number outside. The company's a lot of hype block
to bypass our own security systems for a sensitive professional activities. For instance, the company may have a strict policy regarding the material employees convey you on Internet. A longer view reveals a possible violation. Tour can be used to verify the information without an exception being put into corporate security systems.
It also used to connect back to deployed service is a network engineer can use toward remotely connect back to service is without the need for an external machine and user account as part of the operational testing tour can also be used. Access Internet Resource is acceptable Use policy for I T staff and all my employees, usually different
twerking allow unfettered access to the Internet
while leaving Santa security policies in place and also tour could be used to work. Run I S P network outage is sometimes when eyes peas, having writing or G and as problems torque and make Internet resources available when the actual Eyes P is malfunctioning, this could be invaluable in a crisis shutdown.
Normal people
for Normal people. Tour protects her privacy from unscrupulous marketers and identity thieves. Internet service providers I asked peas, cellular Internet browsing records to marketers or anyone else willing to pay for it.
He's typically say that they anonymous eyes the data by not providing personally identifiable information. But this has been proven incorrect. A full record of every site you visit, the text of every search will perform and potentially user I D. And even pastor information consisted. Be part of this data.
In addition to your eyes piece, the websites and search engines you visit have their own logs containing the same or more information they protect. The communications from irresponsible corporations all over the Internet tour is being recommended to people newly concerned about their privacy in the face of increasing breaches
and betrayals. A private data
from lost backup tapes to giving away the data to researchers, your data is often not well protected by those you are supposed to trust. To keep it safe, they protect our Children online. You've told your kids they shouldn't share personally identify information online, but they may be sharing it. Their location something might not consider I p address.
Increasingly, I P addresses can be literally map to a city or even street location
and can reveal other information about you how you're connected to the Internet. Here's to websites to check out for that in the U. S. The government pushing to make this mapping increasingly more precise. This is scared.
The research sensitive topics. There's a wealth of information available on line, but perhaps in your country. Access to information on AIDS, birth control or world religions behind national firewall thes Kurt surveillances.
Even harmless Web browsing can sometimes raise red flags for suspicious observers using tour. Protect your privacy by making it extremely difficult for an observer to correlate with sites you visit with your physical world identity. They circumvent censorship as well. If you live in a country that has ever blocked Facebook or YouTube,
you might need to use tour
to get basic Internet functionality.
Here's to links on that
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