2.1 Splunk Products, Resources, and Certifications

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2 hours 29 minutes
Video Transcription
you made it so module to good job. This is an introduction, the Splunk and we're gonna be talking about *** products. Resource is and certifications. This is gonna be a relatively short module.
Um, really, What we're talking about comes down to two things that we'll have in two separate videos the *** website and foreign products.
Now, I know you know how to click around a website and find what you need, Thio.
Um but it's really good to know what's out there, what they have available. Splunk has Ah, fantastic community built around their product and so much documentation. So we'll just take a few minutes and then go over where you can find that stuff as well as where you can check for updates, tow the certification path and see if they have any new courses.
Um, they recently just added, Ah,
a couple new free courses. So those air worth checking out, we'll show you how to do that.
*** products is a little bit bigger of a topic. Um, if you're saying you have smoking experience, you need to understand what that means. Like we talked about in the first module. *** is a company and has many different products, and they've even acquired new ones. So you should have a general idea of
what some of the other products can accomplish. Beyond just course, Blunk as well speak to how they integrate with one another and make recommendations for a company about what they might look out to purchase.
So that's what we're gonna talk about in this module and let's get started.
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