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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone, Welcome back. This time we will be talking about the history of cyber threat intelligence in order to know where all these concepts come from, how they have transformed into what we'll know today. A cyber trades intelligence.
Okay, let's start first. The whole idea of intelligence comes from a military and strategic point of view, and he goes back thousands of years ago. Armies in times of war required to gather all the information possible. Don't only from the environment where the war was actually taking place,
but about the adversary as well,
since having all the tactics and techniques from the opposite army will give them an upper hand in all the decisions taken from that point on.
According to the New World Encyclopedia, military intelligence is a military discipline that focuses on gathering, analysis, protection and dissemination of information off both strategic and tactical value.
There's a very important part in this definition, and it is the strategic and tactical value.
What would an army do if they wouldn't have enough information to make a decision? How are they going to choose what common or what action should follow if they don't have the necessary information to calculate the consequences of such.
That's why the information needed for military purpose has to be as much as possible.
The world Wikipedia also states that the military intelligence includes information about the enemy terrain on weather in an area of operations or area off interests, as well as information about political decision making, military intentions and dissidents.
Intelligence activities are conducted both during peacetime and in war.
That right there is a very important concept. These activities are conducted both during peace time and in war.
It means that intelligence activities are action that should be done constantly. No matter how B C is the battle out there, the information gathering shall be an ongoing activity because all the information is always valuable. It only changed the perspective from where they're looked.
let's go back a little bit and find world. These tactics and techniques released heart
according to the and W. E s spying is mentioned in both Homer's Iliad and the Bible.
Romans had a network of spies and embassies that they used to collect valuable information, including the environment and social political information about neighboring states and people
something really interested. He's mentioned here
the words pieing. Actually, spine has always had a negative connotation. But in an intelligent, constant, ext is something almost necessary in order to obtain the most valuable information.
Yes, the moral and ethic surrounding that specific activity will vary according to the values and principal you have and the purpose of what you're doing.
But that doesn't take away the fact that it is one of the most important tools off information gathering for intelligence.
Okay, let's have a little bit more in where the basic levels of intelligence
On one side we have the strategic intelligence, a chicken imagining this type of intelligence according to the end w in issues to formulate long term policies on the national and international scale and is concerned with broad issues, searches, economics, military capabilities of foreign countries
and political assessments.
It is all about this strategy in the definition, given it focuses on which is the best approach to take in order to get the best out of the activity in question.
On the other hand, we have the tactical intelligence. This one is more practical and more focus on a battle context and w e Also the fines
tactical intelligence is more focused on the specific objectives and situation off military commanders in the field.
These types of intelligence basically consists off the same type of information on Lee, deferring in terms of scope.
That right there gives us a pretty important key about intelligence scope.
What are you gathering intelligence for?
Let's remember that intelligence is basically information, and for it to actually become intelligence, it requires a context in which it has to be used.
Now that we know and understand the roots of intelligence, we may begin to understand where he sold is going
as humans, machinery, technology, artifacts and everything else is started changing. So the wars.
It is believed that by the nighty night ings on military activity, where was the starting to move to the cyber realm?
The Internet was born with a lot off, its features focused on military purpose and investigation. It began to grow in popularity, and it certainly was available for everyone with a telephone connection.
By the year 2000 the military government and a lot of other institutions starting to recognize that whatever the Internet had brought was starting to make a difference in everything.
And since Then the cyber tracked intelligence was born,
and if then, no, he hasn't stopped growing. What's next for Cybertrips? Intelligence? What can we expect in the following years? Well, they're to be candidates. They're changing the way things are being zone nowadays, when it's artificial intelligence on the other one is machine learning.
They're both related in the fact that the systems are being able to make the wrong decision
based on a number of different implementations. But that means that you don't need a really human standing in front of a monitor to see if there are any attacks going on. And further that if an attack is detective, you may not have to move a finger to solve it. Based on the threat, action
technologies can make automatic decisions off what is best to do.
This allows organizations to lower its cussed and research requirements, allowing any type of organization small or large, to obtain all the benefits off cybertrips intelligence.
This point is very important because we have reached a point in history where not only our security is important, but everyone's security. Some years ago, one of the biggest threats appeared
for everyone,
and it was the Internet off things but nits
the rice of i o T devices with poor security. His tires started to pile up while hackers were claiming each one of them, turning them into some bees until they reached but nits off this device that were huge.
A denial of service attack towards any organization was just one click away, and everyone's security was in danger, depending on how secure was our neighbor.
This is why the fact that cyber threat intelligence may be available for most of your organization is a very crucial subject for our future in cyber security.
Also, if you're interesting learning more about I ot devices, you can check my colleagues. Alejandro Curse called Introduction to I ot here on cyber. I know you won't regret it.
not know that we learn to roll off intelligence. It's evolution to cyber threat intelligence. We can make ourselves very interesting questions.
Why do you think this approach has been so important all this time? If the real society to create intelligence, go back to military usage and war approaches doesn't mean that we are at war,
and how would those be organ original military approach will map to nowadays. Cyber security instructor. In most
it's one of the's questions. Give a key concept for the overall practice of several trades intelligence that we will be discussing along this curse.
Well, let's, um no
in today's reflector week will understand. How is that all organizations, no matter what size, industry or geographic position, will face threats to eat infrastructure, assets and people.
Each concept that we explain today was not restricted to a certain set of cars characteristics. It was a broad practice. This military approaches are being used in any army in any country facing the same general problems.
Also, we talk about sort of great intelligence. We understand now that data is available to understand what these threats are from a variety of sources and with right context. We can make the right decisions
and last but no least, the essence off Cyber threat Intelligence lies in how the collected data is interpret and with what purpose in mind is being analyzed.
looking forward. In the next video, we will recover in the concept of cyber credit intelligence in 2019 how different units in an organization may benefit from a cyber credit. Intel you on. How much information is out there? And how can how we can tailor our cyber threat Intelligence Corps
to collect it and analyze it in the best
way possible for our purposes.
Congratulations. We reached the end of Furth there. Video. I hope you're like in everything so far. Remember that you can email me with any recommendations. Are suggestions to including future curses or, if you like, certain topics developed further. See you in the next video.
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