2.1 Cloud Characteristics

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Hello again and welcome back to Cloud Architecture. Foundations Captain's log started 20195.3 Enterprise is in orbit of a class M planet where our scanners have identified a highly unusual phenomena. When our science engineers air for now calling cloud bursting,
I've ordered a survey came down to the surface to see what they can find out about this strange
new develop computer. Cyberia Captain out Thanks again for joining US shoes Cyber A Cloud based Klingons On our last voyage we reviewed cloud elasticity and scalability
and how the pays you grow charging model of the cloud can really help those organizations that start in stop and need the up and down service's which are ideally suited
for cloud delivery. Now that our team is being down to the surface, we will scan for the cloud lifeforms known his chargeback metering and the mysterious cloud characteristic that brought us this far out in the galaxy cloud bursting. So if you're ready,
So the Oracle cloud is a cloud computing service offered by the Oracle Corporation providing servers, storage network applications and service is through a global network of Oracle Corporation manage data centers the company allows. The service is to be provisioned on demand over the Internet.
The Oracle Cloud provides infrastructures of service. I ask platforms, the service pass
software's A service, sass and data. As a service. Daz, the service's air used to build, deploy, integrate and extend applications in the cloud. The Oracle Cloud platform supports numerous hope. It's standard such a sequel, html five and Rest and open source solutions such as Kubernetes, Hadoop and Kafka.
The Oracle platform supports a variety of programming languages,
databases, tools and frameworks, including Oracle specific open source and third party software systems. Thes screenshots Air from the Oracle Cloud Platform and where we begin our discussion and how we charge our I T teams for their cloud service is
so a 90 charge back as an accounting strategy that attempts to decentralize the costs of an organization's 90 service's by applying them directly to the teams and divisions that utilize those surfaces. This accounting system enables organizations to have better visibility and understanding of how their I t dollars air truly spent instead of a single I T budget.
Charging the service is to the team that uses them or chargeback allows a 90 organization to determine, for example,
how much platform is a service was used by the DEV team or how much compute and storage was used by the application Customer Experience Team, instead of just a bill for this month's Cloud Service is to company acts without a charge back system. All I T costs are consolidated under the I T department umbrella,
and the ability to determine the true profitability of the individual business units
the I T department supports is limited.
So I know you're thinking that if I wanted to study accounting, you would have learned Microsoft Excel pivot tables and that you thought I was supposed to be about technology. I hear you and there's a point to all this accounting stuff, I promise. But for now, please also know that meeting is actually one of the ways the cloud provider and the consumer tracks their cloud use.
Metering is a way that the Cloud provider contract, and then charge the customer for their cloud service is that they're using a lot like the power meter on the side of your house. That is constantly me tearing the use of your electricity and then every month, Utility, like our cloud provider, checks your use, be there metering system and then change you a bill.
Metering is one of the tools used by the clown to provide on demand. Service is, rather than build out what you think you might use
and then hope you use it fully and you better not under utilize that you've built too much cloud and then you pay too much or you're over utilizing the cloud. Using more cloud service is than you planned for and then perhaps being charged more for the cloudy elasticity service's than you should have if you planned your cloud used correctly.
Remember those cloud planning and pricing tools I mentioned in the last lecture?
The bottom line is, is Mita Ring is how we in the cloud provider contract our cloud usage and the result is a flexible pay for what you actually use model Really good stuff.
So the point of all this accounting stuff is chargebacks and me during our the end results of one of the most amazing cloud characteristics, Cloud Analytics Analytics is real time reporting on metadata data about data on the cloud has the best analytics and business intelligence out there. It's not that my own network doesn't have Enterprise Class B. I business intelligence.
The reason why the clouds analytics air so amazing is that my I t team didn't have to build it.
Building out a comprehensive into in analytics based network management system in M s is a real dining task for the enterprise.
I need analytics and B I software. I need lots of expensive storage because I create and then need to store so much monitoring, alerting an accounting data about my data. And I have the daunting task of configuring every device in my network to report its data to our network management system.
We're talking about configuring protocols hot by hop on every device in my network,
flow in traffic collectors who then also report to the N. M s. And I need the right equipment in my network that can tear apart all these millions of packets per second, analyze them, read them, and then wrap the packets backup and send them on their way and at the same time, report out of band to the N. M s information about the traffic there fording along in my network
my enterprise could have an entire team dedicated to managing, changing and securing our network management system
and the networks reporting engines. Or the cloud could just give me all of this amazing Data analytics and Business Intelligence for free as part of using their platform for my business needs. That, to me, is a real example of business intelligence.
So another amazing characteristic of the cloud and really fun to say is this concept, called cloud bursting. An example of cloud bursting is when your organization is running an internal computing resource or private cloud, and then burst the application into a public cloud on demand. When the organization runs out of resource is on its internal cloud,
Cloud bursting is recommended for high performance, non critical applications that have non sensitive data.
Well, cloud bursting allows is a company to deploy an application in an internal data center and burst to a public cloud to meet the needs of business during peak bursting intervals.
A great use case of the cloud bursting would be a retailer who's running an online retail Web application. The Web APP provides for the purchase of goods the retailer sells, but it's very expensive and inefficient to build out the transactions per minute. Compute storage and networking service is just for the rush of the universe's Christmas shoppers
and then be idle for the majority of the calendar year. The retailer builds out their internal systems to support the online retail performance baseline throughout the calendar year. And then, when the entire federation is buying their Christmas sweaters during the holidays, the retailer pushes the overflow to the cloud provider. This bursting capability could be built and programmed
to happen dynamically and automatically
without pre planning or human intervention. Ho ho, holy smokes! That's good stuff right there.
Okay, all you cloud based aliens. It's time for our learning check. Vulcan Mind Meld.
What is the I T accounting method known as chargeback?
What are two benefits of cloud metering?
Pelican Cloud Analytics helped the cloud consumer
and what is cloud bursting? And how can I help a business deliver on its business outcomes? So hit pause. Have a shot of Romney, Ellendale and recoup from that crazy, long eared guys mind tricks and when you're ready, being back and let's review our answers together.
Okay, so now that we've bean back, what is the accounting method known as chargeback. Chargeback is an accounting method that allows the cloud provider to build the IittIe organization by the department or even by the user. Chad, your cloud bill says you're doing way too much. Xbox Cloud Wittering allows you to pay for the actual cloud use
not some high cloud usage or low cloud usage service.
And then we figure it out later and majoring gives true visibility to who and how much cloud service is we're really using and to the cloud provider visibility to what they're really providing.
Cloud Analytics do This networking professional is the real juice. When you squeeze the cloud orange,
the metadata, my organization gets the type of traffic. How much traffic, the type of use, how much use peaks and valleys of service, usage and uses Trending over time is just plain outer space Stuff and cloud bursting allows me to push my burst. E peak usage of my service is to the cloud provider and their platform,
so I don't have to build this great big spaceship to transport only a few people to the moon. Infrequently,
I can keep building small and affordable spaceships and then let the cloudburst me to interplanetary space on Lee when my business really needs it.
So in today's lecture, we learned about chargebacks cloud metering. We took a shot over the starships port bow with Cloud Analytics a lot more on that topic in future lectures and cloud bursting. Next time, we will review several of cloud elements that we must understand in master if we are to be I t cloud experts
on behalf of all of us at the Cyber Security I T Learning Team
and the United Federation of Planets, we wanna wish you and all of the users on your network very happy packets and may all your troubles be few.
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