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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to intrude a python here on Cyber Eri on demand. If you're watching this video, then I have great news. And that great news is that you have beaten module one you're now in module to, which is sort of the second half kind of the home stretch of the intro, the python course. Because of the fact that there are people who have skipped over here just to focus on the python deep dives
and not really worry about the the initial logic and computer science information.
I am gonna go ahead and do a couple of things over again. I'm going to re introduce myself again. I am Joe Perry. I'm the director of research here. It's cyber, Very. I have been a developer. I'm a security researcher. I'm a jack of basically all cybersecurity trades. If it is a field of cyber security or most of I t. I've done it at least once, and for a lot of it, I've done it a couple of times. I've worked in forensics.
I've been red team operator. I've been tested.
If you if you can do it in cyber security, I have at least tried it. I spent a lot of my time in the federal government. I worked with the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, just sort of all over the federal government. I've been fortunate that I've gotten to work with a lot of different organizations and different teams and just get to be a part of a lot of really spectacular projects. You can find me on Twitter at Joseph R. Perry I V one.
You can also find out what the handle crippling securities.
And then, of course, you could find me on LinkedIn. That link that you can see there will be included in these slides, which was part of the supplemental materials for this class.
So module to what are we gonna be doing here Now you'll recognize this slide. If you saw her intro videos, this is all we're gonna be focusing here on module to. It's gonna be data types and logic. We're gonna talk about it. LF else which we talked about our previous module
in an abstract way here, we're gonna apply that into Python. We're gonna talk about four and else and python and the special relationship they have between them
we're gonna discuss while loops and python, we're gonna learn about how to use logical escapes, which are some pretty useful python key words for
sort of short circuiting some of those logical loops and speeding up your programs. We're gonna talk about python functions, strings. We're going to deep dive, gonna learn about methods of strings and find new methods howto apply a couple of them and really learn how more than anything learned howto learn Maura about these things strings, numbers, lists and dictionaries. We're gonna spend a bunch of time on all of those.
And then, of course, we have a lab that'll come up after this, I will give you the chance to play with them.
So I'm very, very excited to have you all here again. This is one of my favorite things in the entire world to be able to do. And I really hope you're enjoying yourself. You're finding this course instructive so far, I think you're really gonna enjoy module to There's a lot more programming and a lot less slideshow. As always, I'm your instructor, Joe Perry, And thank you so much for watching intrude a python
here on cyber eri on demand
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