11.1 Course Wrap Up

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3 hours 10 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, folks, welcome to lessen 11 of intro to security onion. I'm your instructor, Carl, and in this lesson, we will be wrapping up the course.
In this course. We had a review of what security onion is, how it's used, what tools air in it and other such things.
After they review, we installed a standalone instance on my laptop, which was later moved to my virtual ization server so it could have the proper resource is.
We then installed a distributed deployments that contained a manager server and a forward and a storage node.
After we completed the installations, we reviewed what was installed on our standalone instance, as well as some of the resources that are available to you.
Those resource is being a documentation page. The Google Group and the Cheat cheat.
We then works with traffic by replaying malware. Traffic from the fictional company beguile soft, and we also sniffed traffic from my raspberry pi and are distributed deployment.
After we finished sniffing pie, we wrapped up by reviewing some tips for management as well as reviewing some of the other functionality of the tool.
I very much hope that you were able to learn something from this course. It was my goal to keep everything at a high enough level that most people could understand what we were doing, but still provide some value to you.
If you would like to connect with me on Langton, feel free to send me an invite to connect. You can also reach me at Carl at al atar dot io.
With all of that said, I think we can call it good. Thanks again
Security Onion

Security Onion is an open source Network Security Monitoring and log management Linux Distribution. In this course we will learn about the history, components, and architecture of the distro, and we will go over how to install and deploy single and multiple server architectures, as well as how to replay or sniff traffic.

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