1.9 Setting Up Hyper-V Part 9

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5 hours 8 minutes
Video Transcription
So what I'm gonna do is to finish off. So we're gonna finish off here? I'd like to throw out a couple of questions. And if you feel that you want to jump in and try men with what you think might be the answer in the chat box. So chap members fingers on keyboards,
we're just gonna go over two or three questions that cover what we've discussed so far. So
let's let's just throw you in with the 1st 1 shall we? So what will be disabled
on a Windows server if you enable hyper V?
So if you think back to when we were talking about the installation of hyper V, it only affects the window service itself. If anyone wants to have a go it, I'll give you a few seconds to think about it. But it is all stuff. We've discussed that promise eso itt's things that you can't use
should you install hyper V on the system.
You have a few more seconds
tick talk
you want to try.
This is where we find out what people have had this on in the background and they haven't quite been listening and everyone's kind of madly flicking through the slides to see what it waas. The answer is sleep mode. So
again, as we mentioned before, if you didn't capture it, we didn't quite get the requirements of a hyper V will disable sleep mode on Windows Server if you install it,
s O is simply because of the way that the virtual ization technology works.
Okay, question two.
Let's give this one a go, shall we? So what software requirement is needed to use hyper V correctly? So we were talking about the hardware and the software requirement. We went into quite a lot of detail just a few slides ago, actually, very recently on this one,
Se Onda uh, you never know when some of these questions throughout this session I might throw in bonus answers as well, depending on whether or not you guys want to try it. But if you want to try it, maybe you just sat there thinking it through software requirements needed to use hyper V correctly. We are talking
about data execution prevention.
So and as an aside, what's it also known, as Can anyone give me another name? Perhaps
what were the other ones that have come up,
I'll start flicking them up on screen,
see if anyone beats me to it.
So we've got no execute
on dhe execution prevention. Remember the execution prevention? Don't look for X P. You won't find it. It's ex D
execution denial. They decided to use the word prevention to show it off. They kept the letter
again. Don't ask me why.
The world of I t welcome.
So, final question. Let's try one more, shall we?
Okay, so what version of Windows client
supports Hyper V? This one might be a little more tricky because we talked about various versions of it. Anyone has a really good memory. This is the chance for you to try. I'm up and have a go
give you a few more seconds on that one.
All right. So it's windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Okay, so then you will notice it says 8.1. As I mentioned before, if you have Windows eight.
Yeah, absolutely good job. Absolutely. So Windows eight used to. And then they decided not to, because there was such a major feature update in 8.1 that they decided to basically not support the eighth version. So it's 8.1 and up now. Effectively.
On that being said, we might never actually at this rate, depending on how Microsoft go with their whole.
There's a big push for service type of subscriptions now, so you might not ever even ever see Windows 11 or 12. It might just become that they dropped the number and keep the modules updating every when they do feature updates,
it's it's no totally unreasonable to expect it, considering the current back on it. But it might be that we don't actually see any other versions of Windows. It's a possibility, certainly
so, going over the learning objectives, what we covered in this section. So we had a look at the hardware requirements for installing hyper V on both service and points on. We understood Theseus requirements for installing that as well.
I'm gonna leave this on the screens. That is now we're just over. So about an hour,
No, maybe about an hour in effectively. So
if you guys have any questions, I think now's a good time to stop because it starts on to another section which I'm hoping we can carry on with our next session.
I'm open to a complete Q and A If you guys have any questions at all for the next shot while on anything that we've discussed up until now or if you have anything in general, if there is something that we're gonna be covering later on, I'm happy to kind of discuss it
in principle. But I would rather go into the detail of it later on. So if anyone does have any questions, please pop them up in Chap. I'm very happy to answer them. I am new to cyber eat, as many of you have realized, and I don't know if I'm the only Brit or no, I haven't checked. You have to speak with Matt on that one.
Andi, have a word with him and see if I am.
But I hope my adults it tones haven't nodded. You all off to sleep. If you do you have any questions? Please let me know. Otherwise, I believe that might be it for the moment. Let me just check here.
Um I mean to pull up, see show tosspot.
Let's see
any questions at all. Guys. I'm really happy to answer anything.
No one to talk. No questions.
All right, That is it. Then. In that case, I think for the moment we've done just over
Yeah, we've done, uh, yeah, about an hour. I don't wanna go to heavily into this. You're very welcome, Lance. Thank you. I do hope I haven't bored you all to death. So the other difference between virtual and remote. So
a remote machine is effectively you. You're promoting into something, so you're taking control of it. You can remote a virtual machine. Ronald s o. What this means is like you could if you're if you've got a virtual machine. That means that as we discussed with throughout this whole introduction every series here,
the virtual machine
is only relevant to the hype of the environment. So it acts totally be exactly the same as a management operating system. Or if you had a physical server with an operating system installed onto it like Windows Server, anything on those lines. So that's the virtual environment. It just allows you to have multiple
virtual machines in the same environment.
If you are using a remote machine, that means that you're effectively just promoting into that machine so you probably seem remote desktop connections and that kind of thing. But effectively, it means that you are just taking control of the machine in a remote location.
Whether that's going from my client machine, too,
a server on the other side of the world. Or if I'm going from my client machine to a virtual machine,
is a virtual desktop remote.
Do you know what this is? This is this is getting some deep questions. Now it's Ah,
yes and no,
because you can remote the virtual machine and you can also, but you can take over the session directly on.
If you've got it open on your screen, you're promoting into it,
then. No, it's not that a virtual desktop is remote because a physical desktop could be remote as well.
It's more a case of remote is a remote desktop is how you're connecting to it. A virtual desktop is how the desktop is running,
so that that would be the main difference between the two
s. Oh, yeah, it Z can be the lines can blur slightly on. They can be a little bit confusing, but generally I'm gonna go with the gut here and say no, because you can remote into physical desktops as well physical service, whether they're right next to you in the building or on the other side of the world,
or if they are
hosted on the machine that you're actually on right now. That's also going to be something that you can you can remote into. Even though you're not leaving your computer as an environment, you're still Ramo Ting into the virtual machine. Because if you remember that kind of graphic that we had before,
in fact, let me see if I can pull it back up and I can I can explain it to you.
So a few jumps back we had Let me see if I can find it here.
Where's it going?
Let's see. Here we go, Right. So
let's put these up, right? So here,
as you can see on this section just here,
it allows the management operating system. So this is the management operating system down here in the bottom, right?
When I'm connecting to my virtual machine, let's say the one above it is thievery actual machine. So I've got my management operating system here.
Andi, this is my virtual one. Now if I want to connect into it, my remote path is to connect from here through the hyper visor to my operating system.
So that's still a remote because it's not. Actually, I'm not doing anything on the management operating system. I'm just connecting to another virtual desktop virtual machine.
I'm using the equivalency off like I'm connecting through the hyper visor, which we do go into later on. It might actually show you the hyper V manager, which allows you to do all this and control the virtual machines. But it allows you to basically remote on using a session, which
it allows what's called enhanced session so you can copy files between the operating systems
on that kind of thing. But that effectively is what you're looking at. So it's not true promoting, but it's a it's a form of it, certainly. But if anyone has any other questions, please just pop those up on the screen. I'll be I'll be happy, Thio
Thio. Answer those but good questions. I like that one. That was I didn't actually consider that ever before, So you guys have got me thinking I don't like it
so, But if there's anything else please, absolutely popping up on the screen on. We can take it from there. Absolutely.
Um, otherwise, I think we may be done. I will give people a couple of minutes more, just in case they wanna ask anything else.
If anyone does play, I want to kind of get hold of me for destiny to, you know, I just want to hang out. Ask me some questions At the end of this entire Siri's, I am gonna be handing out my personal contact details. I am totally happy to hear from anyone with any questions, whether it's
questions that you might have in a professional sense,
questions for certification, private learning, whatever it might be, I'm very happy to answer them. I'll be handing out my linked in. And if you do fancy a quick game or two, you could have spoken out. We on battle there, if you fancy it. A cz Well, especially if you're a destiny to player. I will very much like toe
to team up with you. And we can shoot some bad guys.
So yeah, otherwise, I think that might be it. Otherwise, in that case, So, um
I guess we'll be handing it over to my producer thought
to take over. But thank you, guys. It has been an absolute pleasure. My nerves. This is my first ever stream that I've done. So my nerves are shot. Absolutely shocked. But it's exciting. And I've enjoyed it so much, so thank you very much. And I'd like to see him next week as well. We're gonna be going into a lot more detail.
There's gonna be some real demonstration off the work.
We're gonna be setting up hyper V working on clients and effectively just showing you how to use this environment.
Thank you, everyone.
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