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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone. So in the last video, we wrapped up our discussion on cyber attacks. So we talked about things like ransomware and fishing. And in this video, I just wanted to show you some hands on experience with Ransomware without actually getting attacked by Ransomware. So what I've done is I've grabbed a couple of videos from a course that Dave could practice,
and I both worked on called amount, where threats that's available in this I bury website. So if you want to take a deeper look into malware,
various forms like viruses and worms, that's definitely a good course for you to check out
if you don't care about any of that. But you did want to see an example of Ransomware, then that's why I looked him up in this course so you can take a look at what that is before you were moving to module to. We're gonna take a look at a couple of different things, so date's going to show you Number one. What happens when you double click on the file that you may be downloaded from your email or something like that that actually has
ransomware, innit?
And so he's just gonna double click and especially just gonna lock the files and he'll show you what that looks like. And then right after that, he's going to show you the wannacry Ransomware. Now he's modified it. So that way, it's not actually attacking his system. But he's going to show you what that looked like if you were never attacked within. Hopefully you were not. But he's gonna go ahead and show you
what that looks like is well through some things were going ransomware.
So again, I just want to show you those quick couple of videos. They're gonna be in succession here. See, I won't be coming back on after them, so I'm just gonna let you know that s o we'll move into after this video will move right into module to we're gonna take a look at some different case study examples of the security rules, what has talked through through some different scenarios.
And then after that, we're moving to actually using the S r. A tool. But again, I want to give you some
examples. You can visualize what it looks like for a ransomware attack.
My name is David. Keep radios. And today we're gonna be going through course one out of two.
This course will be focusing on malware. The second course will be focusing on Ransomware.
So for today's demo, what we're going to do is the following
pretending that I'm an end user and I'm going to check my email in this case, Proton. Now
I am receiving email that says, Take a look at this great offer on Mac books
assuming that I'm looking for coupons and this entices me
the email states saved today I'm Mac Wit Pro and other devices with the coupon listed in the attached file.
So now I'm standing. Wow, this is very interesting. Yes, I'd like to go ahead and download this,
so I'm gonna simply click on the download button
and I want to save this as
a file to my desktop.
And the foul name is Mac Book Pro Deals.
So go in and run it
now, knowing that my computer is safe. Sometimes these messages will come up as a security
concerned, et cetera.
So let's go back to her this time,
then my cyber folder.
What I have is Mac book items to purchase
and ensure that look for coupons for the following. I'm looking for a MacBook Pro on that book air and also an iPad.
Great. So now I want to go ahead and say, Well, what is this coupon code
now? Most when those machines are protected and these will come out from time to time
but not knowing any better? Let's just say OK, I have no problem. Let's run this anyway,
once I run this and noticed that nothing's happening.
Did I miss something? Uh, no, I didn't. So now I said, Wait a minute in my cyber a folder.
I now have a file that has an extension of dot locks,
so if I try to open it,
there's no specific application that can open an extension of that locked.
So I'm gonna go ahead and say, Let's just remove that.
Let's bring it back to a text file
and we're going to rename it.
And once I open it,
it's now encrypted.
So now I'm saying, What does this read it?
Your files are now encrypted. Please sign enough for the cyber. A pro membership.
Now I'm confused, and at this point in time, I would have to potentially de encrypted or at some point, maybe send some Bitcoin Excedrin. This is just an example of how typical. Now, where would run
in the next course? We're gonna be going over what Ransomware is. So stay tuned. Thank you for this.
Look forward to seeing you in the next video. We'll welcome back to the chorus. My name is David Prays and then the secondary video. I'm very excited to show you an example of a ransomware
typically known as the wanna Cry virus.
So what I have done, basically in this virtual machine is I've installed an application called Blue Stacks.
Now, through this, what I've done is I've modified the actual wanna cry virus.
You are free to go and and research and see how this could be done in an actual environment. What would happen is that
this would lower and actually take up your entire screen
for all *** dentals and purposes. This is just basically show you how such a ransomware attack would work. So worried about 98 99%. Ah, threshold. Once his loads, I'd like to go over and show you exactly how such a virus would work
Now, in future labs et cetera. I'm gonna be showing my own demo and how to create an actual uh, ransomware. However, this is for ethical purpose is just to make a notation.
And in addition to that, what I will be doing is showcasing how to deflect this and how to make sure that even if you are hit with a ransom or attack,
how to go ahead and go through
and remove this. So, assuming that this is my actual environment right now, this is I'm gonna go ahead.
And what I want to do is I see a Facebook. I can't see a star icon. Now, how would I unlock this
now? Here we go. Oops. Your files have been encrypted.
So once I'm hit with a ransomware attack, it's gonna give me a countdown so pendant will be raised on. This is just an example. I've modified a little bit of the content and your files will be lost on said ST
so you can send $300 worth of Bitcoin to the following address, etcetera. How do you pay? This is how people are hit with a ransomware attack.
So what I'd like to do in future videos is the go ahead and show how we can decrypt us because you do not need to pay Bitcoin. You didn't need to pay any kind of Cryptocurrency etcetera and most people will actually have the understanding. Well, with I go into safe mode, et cetera through Windows
that I could actually get rid of this. That mayor may not be true. However, with that being said, I'm very excited to showcase my future videos and coarse content.
I'd like to thank you very much for this. Any questions, comments, concerns, et cetera could always be sent out to me and again, the future of videos. We will be going over this in further detail, thank you very much and have a great day.
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