1.3 Platform as a Service

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Hello again and welcome back my sky based moisture makers to cyber security. 90. Learning Cloud Architecture Foundations This module is 1.3 platform is the service.
So in our last video we had an introduction to Infrastructures of Service and its explosive growth across the world's networks, and we looked at some of the different I as offerings such as Networking is a service. Computers, a service and storage is a service. In this video, we will be taking a look into the platform as a service or pass,
and we'll be taking a deeper dive into software development,
the agile software development methodology and how the clouds platforms of service accelerates the agile process so that a developments team software could go from development to testing and roll out faster and more agile than ever. So let's get our cloud on.
So platform is a service pas enables the cloud customer toe have their software applications deployed without the human resource is time an investment costs that are required to purchase and manage their own back in hardware and software systems?
Thes platform is the service applications are either created by the cloud consumer or acquired web applications or service is that are entirely accessible from the Internet.
Think of Pass as the ultimate testing ground for developers where they could just dig in and start testing code without having to build and maintain the physical, virtual and the storage of their own test environment.
So here's your first homework assignment. Do some student research and look into AP eyes or what has known its application programming interface. What are AP eyes? Why are they needed? How are they used and what are the different types of AP eyes in the software development community? So in regards to pass
our Web applications enabled the cloud consumer to control the deployed applications viene application programming interface, a p I
without having to manage the complexity and all the inner workings of the test of servers, operating systems and mass storage. Because of cloud management, AP eyes passed through the Cloud Provider offers the cloud customers Dev teams much faster times to market all through ways of provisioning. The necessary test of applications and service is
over. The World Wide Web
platform is a service means the immediate delivery on the deaf teams application development and testing framework at much lower costs than having a purchase provisions and maintained on premised development environments.
So the software development Life Cycle, or S. T. L C, is a process used by the software industry that includes a methodology for the delivery of software on time and on budget that meets the customer's needs and objectives. Depending on who you talk to on the source, you reference S T L C has five to his many A seven software development stairs
in the stairway to software success.
S. T. L C, also known as the Application Development Life Cycle, is a term used in information systems and software engineering and design that describes the successful process for planning, creating, testing and deploying an information system or a software application.
So, according to the Project Methodology Body of Knowledge by the PM I Project Management Institute, there are nine and an ever growing and evolving project methodology list, including agile collaboration and a repetitive and consistent methodology. To accomplish the Project Milestones,
Scrum is about using small cross functional teams that are self managing to produce and deliver fast results.
Con Bond is about improving increasing visibility of the work in progress and limiting multitasking of the team members. The lean project methodology is about streaming and the elimination of waste to deliver more with less
extreme programming or X p methodologies. Building out modules were phases of a project in big chunks to ensure quality.
The waterfall project methodology is the full and complete planning of projects and then carving out the workload in two phases. Prints to is about leaving nothing to chance, though, through Very Controlled Project Management and Project Management Institute PM Eyes Project Management Body of Knowledge is the application of the Universal Standards
Toe Waterfall Project Management.
So unfortunately, there's a lot more to correct software development than correcting typos. What is unique to software development projects is that most def teams use much faster methods of project management, such as agile and scrum. Compared to war. Traditional project methods such as water ful used for managing other types of projects,
software DEV teams have the desire to get their code to its testing and production stages faster
by using cross functional teams such as the same member is in the development team and the software testing team, and often times they use their own customers, networks and their customers and users is test beds for their emerging software. If the software is for the customer, there is no better test bed than in the customers
own Business application Environment
Scram is a type of agile methodology. It is essentially an agile process. Framework Scrum in software development terms is a specific type of agile software methodology. Scrum is identified by the use of fixed length development iterations. For example, this part of the code will be completed in two weeks. This it oration
is called a sprint
and each print goes forward with daily standup scrum meetings and then each sprint has concluded. For example, at the end of the two exhilaration, you'll have a retrospective meeting. Some of the team member rolls and scram are the product owner, the scrum master and the development team.
It's a scrum e job, but this code isn't gonna write itself
in a scrum project. The product owner is the individual who plays interference between the team and other parties like the Project stakeholders. Oftentimes the product owner is the Scrum Project Software Development team leader. The scrum master is not the team leader but rather advices. The team to go down the crack path, use this correct method
or to choose the right technology.
The scrum master is also there to remove the roadblocks that pop up and confront the scrum team, such as there's no time to perform software testing or the sales guy suddenly creates a new feature. And now their scope creep.
And then what is unique about the development team in scrums that the team, for the most part, manages itself? The team becomes a manager and in doing so provides an ideal working environment to develop a successful code. And within the Sprint, it oration.
So platform is a service is the ideal environment for scrum and agile software development. With Pass, the development teams can focus on developing code within their sprint intervals and then go right to testing without having to build on premise, compute storage and software development, ended engines to write their code and to test their coat on.
What is interesting about today's business marketplace
is that companies that aren't your traditional software developers are in fact attempting, developed their own smartphone APS and be found. An online APP marketplaces these companies, when attempting to build their own APS when a quick and easy Devin test environment that can spend up quickly be charged for pay. As you use
a ton cheaper than building an on Premise Dev environment
and then tear it down when they're done, Justus quickly Platform is a service scrum and agile software development are ideally suited to deliver amazingly fast and successful software development business outcomes.
According to Scrum Master Albert, As soon as we get our learning check on and that roadblock behind us, we can get back to writing code. So
what? His platform is a service or pas?
Can you name three project methodologies and we covered a bunch of them?
What is the difference between agile and scram project methods
and order the three rolls? A member of a scrum team can have so hit pause. Get your answers in the right font and with correct grammar and spelling and then when you're ready, hit play and we will review our answers together.
Welcome back cloud heads. What is platform is a service passes The cloud provided compute in software platform that my development team continues with the pays you use payment customer charge model that will speed my company's time to market with its new software.
We went through a bunch of them, not all of them. But we went through several project methodologies, including agile scrum. Can Bands Crowned Band, which, if you got that one, it's extra credit lean X p or extreme programming Waterfall prints to in P M Eyes Project methodology, Body of Knowledge or Pin Bach.
An agile project method is about using inter of steps to deliver on a project to reducing all of the process. Red tape Scrum is a type of agile project methodology whose primary characteristics air, self functioning and self managing teams and project sprints, blocks of all hands on deck development
and the three scrum team member rolls are our project owner, our team leader, our scrum master, our best practices leader and roadblock referee and the scrum development team.
So until we meet again on behalf of the entire cybersecurity I t Learning Team, we want to wish you and all of the end users on your network
happy packets
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