1.3 Examining Local Area Networks, Devices, and Data Transfer Part 3 - MTAN

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once again to the side. Very empty. A 98
3 66 network and Fundamentals certification prep course.
Such a connection devices. The first example that comes to mind is up
then the herb is considered a legacy hardware device. There's largely obsolete hubs have been replaced by network switches, which are discussed later. In this particular presentation, humps can be found in very old insulation. Specialized type application.
Hope is also called a network up is a common connection point for devices and your network
hope that advice coming used to connect segments of your land. The hub contains multiple ports when a pact arrives. At one point is competent other port so that all segments on land can see all of the packages.
So that not look, look at a switch. Now I've seen 1000 submission before we move on from up. Ah huh. Lacks any intelligence and as a result of not having intelligent built within it. You have all types of collisions because what happened is when you have one computer trying to communicate that same time, another one's communicate the same time. What happens?
You're gonna have collision, no communication act to take place.
So again, that's one of the drawbacks of actual up. So let's look at a switch.
Now. Switch is an advice, similar hope that connects computers to what we call a central core next important, however different. They're different from a huh? A switch Work on Lee. Four traffics to a destination instead of broadcasts. And that's the problem you have with UPS at broadcast to all reports, which is getting to be an issue.
So again, a switch is in the continent. Networking is a hospital device that receives incoming data packages and redirect them to their destination on the local area network. Or land a lance, which operates at the data link layer or layer to off your network. Mara The words
we'll be discussing later on presentation.
Obviously, I believe in modern, too. We discussing the SA model, or often time refer to, is an open system interconnection mind, which is a great model for troubleshooting. Although it's not the only model we be discussing several different types of models that's used for tradition. So a switch in the evening it is
in a Ethan at base land. What it does,
it reads in common TCP UPI data packages and frames containing destination information as a pass into one arm or import ports. The destination face in the package is used to determine which op report will be used to send the data on its intended destination.
So again, switches are similar to hubs only smarter.
A hope simply connects. Owner knows on the network communicates essentially in a haphazard manner with any advice. Trying to communicate at any time resulted in many collisions. A switch, on the other hand, creates an electric tunnel between the source and the destination port for a split second
that no other traffic and enter
this results and communication without collisions.
Switches also similar to routers as well. But a rotter has an addition. Ability to four paige between different networks, where they switches limit to know, to note other words from computer to computer or host the host.
So again, this is a man giving you another picture of what actual switch it looks like.
Ah, great thing about a switch. You actually usual swishes ship what we call a villain a virtual land. Other words. You be the half secure communication, and that's in fact,
so again When you look at the gate and switching places, travel more official, do a sweep the cars that travel there, ready to a destiny as opposed to being broadcast. I mentioned that earlier as well.
So let me get servers
now. They're different types of service out there. User connect to a certain several were fulfilled. A quiet request. I have three principal types of service that we're gonna be discussing. First of all, you have a print server.
It's a device that connects Prentiss the client computers over a network. It accepts print jobs on the computers and send the jobs to the appropriate prentiss curing the jobs locally to accommodate the fact that work may arrive more quickly than the printer can actually handle.
Then we have another one called again is Ah ah, file server. Now file server. Again. It provides access again two files. It acts as what we call a central file storage location that can be accessed by multiple systems. By also is our common found in an enterprise and in such a company
again, but also we used in school than the small organizations.
A father may be a dedicated system such as a network attach storage as well
file. So it's gonna be configured in multiple ways, for example, in a home setting and fouls, or maybe be set to automate. Allow access to all computers on the Locator and Networks and Bennison. And although where security is important, a faster maybe required again that all the systems
longing to be logging into the server 40 able to access certain fouls.
We also have Web service as well. So that's a nut. Examples. Well,
so what is the Web server? Web service Assistant at levels, content or service is to end uses over the Internet.
A Web server consist of a physical server server operating system software used to facilitate http Communication, a Web service also known as a Internet server as well.
So how do we connect these devices together? How did you guys are able to access Internet?
David Access it via what we call a router. So when the world is a round on me,
a rotter isn't advice that analyze the content of a data package transmitted within a network or to another network.
You're right. What it does it determine whether the source and the destination on the same network or whether data must be transferred from one network
type to another, which requires encapsulate the data package while rotten it package. The other words of protocol hit us information to for the new network type.
So again, it's a surgical tech device
again allows you to rock those packets between different networld words, allows you to connect the lands together.
So again, here's another screen. So I've taken a look at a rotter
obs erotica either be Wallace or could be a traditional type router.
Now, admission idea for Roger, which was then called a gateway used many peoples of virtue around, has been a gateway came from a group of computer network and researchers who former owners didn't call the International Network Networking, which became a subcommittee of the International Federation for Information Processing and back in 1972.
And what we seen happen back in 1974. The 1st 2 Roger was developed,
and by 1976 3 we have the what we could have the three PDP type three bass rodders, which are used to form a photo type and experimental version off the Internet now, but we've seen happen from the 19 seventies to the 1980 admit make computers were used for writers.
Actually, you could take a server if you didn't physically have a rotter.
You can actually take our server with a server 2016 and actually build your own router is, well now. Rodica either be comedies of software and hardware or a combination of both. When several rather, they're using the collects in the connection off interconnected networks
the exchange and analyze information. And then they build a table, prefer routes. Other words. Rogers have rotted in tables.
That's why they even remember the address. Or, for example, you send them to the store within that writing table. That's why they able to access that stuff much fast because its stores in the writing table particularly, has on and understand that path before it. It puts that information in its writing table.
Now, as a network interface, rodders convert computer signals
from one standard protocol to another that's more appropriate for the destination Tight network
so rattles of specialized computers and, in fact, a writer's similar to a computer. If you think about it, you open them up.
Now, Rogers again is a Mitchell specialized computers as well.
So let's take a firewall. I know many part of her that term called a foul, basically, by y axis the filter for data entering or leaving your network or your computer.
Is this again Fire Walk Either be a Cos. Of Software's West hardware. Ah, fire works by blocking that was scripted network reports. Fire was coming used to help prevent again unauthorized access to both company and home networks as well.
Packs of data analyzed against a set of cracked here because you can't accept certain rules
again. Remember, it's a way of filtering somewhere. Firewalls are designed to protect the company by blocking certain programs from sending and receiving information from a local local network or even the Internet. Yours have hardware, firewall, hardware, firewall The found almost networks today and could be configured again.
The image again we conceive so we can see again. This is an image is what a firewall looks like
at the very top of this diagram here
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