1.3 A User's Guide to the Deep Web, Dark Web, and the Dark Net

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Video Transcription
Hello, peoples of the Interwebs. This is tensed over and we're in the second video in a comprehensive guide to the Tor browser.
Last lesson we discussed a clear web. So this lesson we're discussing an overview of the deep Web and dark Web stash Dark Net. So this is gonna be a lot of fun
Further into this course, let's go over the pre Rex.
This is a continuation of the first lesson with us picking up at the deep Web. If this is your first video with me of American men going back and watching that one first thing come join us here beyond catching up this video in terms of pre Rex, there aren't any. As you can read here. Basic networking is a plus, but not required.
Also, you basically just have a need and or a want to be anonymous online
this budget since I s P s or Internet service providers Ken, log all that you're doing
due to the fact we're in discussions now of the Deep Web Dark Web, Dark Net. I'm going to give you the proper tools, teach you how to use them and advise on how to safely navigate the deep Web Dark Web Dark Net. With that said, This is not an endorsement of going there illegally at your place of work or home. Nor, unfortunately,
if anything should happen to you,
your equipment or any other possessions is cyberia or myself liable. Please be careful.
As I mentioned before, the dark Web in the Deep Web have been used in a change with my most people, but they're two different areas of Internet. The Dark Web is part of the deep Web. Honestly, we don't think in the grand scheme of the Internet, is it really that big? The best way I've heard to describe a deep Web is it's just content you can't find on a search engine.
So if that said, the Deep Web is mistakenly associating with dark webs legal activities all the time
and also call the invisible or Hidden Web, which could just further mystify it. Surprisingly, normal usage The Deep Web isn't a marketplace for drugs. The deep Web is mostly harmless and extremely important for protecting our personal information and privacy. And as you can see from this graphic we have up in the last video now,
it contains items you don't want injectable by Google Aures, her gin gin out there.
Medical records, legal documents, academic information, bank accounts, government resources, et cetera. It's essential for everyday life.
There's a flip side of the deep Web. There's a lot darker, which is why it's also known as the dark Web on the dark Web uses really do intentionally buried data. Let's first talk about the dark net. It's a network built over part of the deep Web, which is only accessed through special browsers I tour and software you can download.
I eat zero net
or free net.
The bad stuff, as always, gets most of the headlines.
You can find the legal goods and activities of all kinds through the dark Web that includes illicit drugs, ***, child ***, stolen credit card numbers, weapons, exotic animals, comforted media and mostly that you could think of. However, the existence of sites like these doesn't mean the Dark Web is inherently evil.
Not everything on the dark side is bad.
Anonymity has its value, and many users prefer to operate within an untraceable system.
Dark Web is also home to all. Turn to search engines. Email service is file storage file sharing social media, chat sites, news outlets and whistle blowing sites as well a science that provide a safer meeting ground for political dissenters and freethinkers and anyone else who may find themselves on the fringes of society.
For citizens of in countries with violent or oppressive leaders,
Dark Web offers a more secure way to communicate with like minded individuals. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, which are easy for determined authorities monitor
let's discuss a little on how the deep Web dark Web terminology got mixed up.
You will dig deeper into the history of tour and the deep Web on the next lesson.
But the first mixing of the terms Deep Web and dark Web Kim about 2009 when the deep Web search terminology was discussed alongside illegal activity, is taking place on the free net darkness. Since then, use in the Silk Road media reporting many people and media outlets have taken to using deep Web.
It's anonymously with dark Web or Dark net,
a comparison menu reject as an accurate which, of course, most definitely is, and consequently is an ongoing source of confusion. Wired Reporter's Kim Zetter and I need Greenberg recommend to the terms be used in the state fashions, which were for explaining and using these videos.
While the Deep Web is reference to any site that cannot be accessed through a traditional search engine, the Dark Web is again a portion of the deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is an accessible from a standard browsers and methods dark meaning They're trying to stay hidden to the public.
Now that we've discussed what it is, let's go into how you look up a website when we get the tour, which is a few lessons from now, be patient. You will look up what are called onion directories to access that
those were discussing onions a few lessons from now also, but something did note here. Tor is designed in such a way that no central entity store's entire list of onion addresses, so finding a fully updated list is impossible, basically. But here I do have a few good lists,
but just take a wave here. That hidden service is will rarely link or index each other,
and so hidden just understand, and they're encrypted sites which can be accessed by the Tor browser. If you know or confined the address that ISS you can use duck duck go dot com through tour for this to find clear websites that have indexes. But be careful, and there are a few semi index search engines on the deep Web.
One of the places to look up good updated onion sites is reddit dot com.
Backsides are backslash onions, along with a lot of other good information on tour and on the onion directories and sites for onion chat sites, looking them up until you find some ones that are stable and running. Some examples of those would be onion net. Also, there are dark net dark Web email addresses you can use
like proton.
So in conclusion, the Dark Web is anonymous and it's powerful that unleashes human nature in all its forms, both good and bad. The paper, written by researchers at the University of Luxembourg, tend to direct the most commonly access materials on the dark Web.
What they found was that all those sites trading in illegal activities and adult content are very popular.
So, too, are those concerned with human rights and freedom of information. In the next lesson, we're going to be going into the history of the tour project from its military routes to present day
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