1.2 Setting Up Hyper-V Part 2

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All right. So, prerequisites, What do you need before we get started?
So what we're gonna be doing is basically the anything you're really going to need is the CPU. It's a virtualization capable CPU. Now what does that mean? In basic terms, there's two types of technology. The first it's Intel, VT or virtualization technology.
On the second is A M D. V or virtual ization.
It just means that these processes have bean around. They've been designed with virtualization in mind. They've got the technology built into the process. Er in your machine. If you have a machine, I would say, probably in the last 10 years, you're pretty much fine in terms of using this as well.
S o, I would say no, not to worry too much about it.
There are ways around it. It's a bit more than what is expected, innit? Beginner's course. Hopefully, for this goes well, you know, we might have a new intermediate course or even advanced course for hyper V in virtual ization on, we can bring that on board for you guys as well. But that's really the only thing you need.
Software wise, there's not really a lot you just need a Windows client with hyper V software installed
via the optional features in windows. And we're actually gonna talk about that. Andi, I'm gonna walk you through a full installation at some point in this syriza's well, so not only will you be seeing the slides and the demonstrations, but hopefully you'll see a start to finish. I'm going to install hyper V,
set up a virtual network,
set up a virtual machine and connect the whole thing together so that it's talking properly.
If you're gonna work, be working on anything with Windows Server. I don't know if any of you guys are working looking on to doing this for a professional career Windows server. The anything you need from me, no serpent of server is hyper V software installed on 7 2012 or words
The reason I say 2012 wrong words. It does come from 2008
but you won't get this quite the same feature set that you would get from 2012 onwards. So I do recommend it for talk possible, and especially if you are system administrators. Try and aim for that. That server 2012 on what's there
on. And if you do, uh, use this in a more professional environment and you don't need a window server. Maybe you just want Ah, hyper v server farm. You can get windows looking at Microsoft hyper V server core height, cervical. We could be going into this later on, but very quickly is a free
downloadable operating system based on the windows core environment, which means there's no graphical user interface.
Andi allows you to actually run multiple machines in the cluster of hyper V farm effectively. Other than that, there is absolutely no previous knowledge required. We're going to be teaching you everything from start to finish and get you going on this.
why do this course? If you bear with me a second, I'm actually gonna tell them the Web cam and say hello to everyone. So there we are. Hello, Thistles. May on. Actually, you know what? I'm gonna take off my headset because I'm not quite sure why I'm wearing that. Anyway, I don't need to hear you guys. You need to hit me so and that doesn't affect the microphone at all. So
why would you want to spend time doing this course
There's a few reasons, actually, generally both its experience in virtual ization technology on Hyper V, both in personal and enterprise environments. Eso It gives you a good grounding, a good foundation for that kind of thing. They also leads nicely into cloud computing. Now
don't get me wrong. Cloud computing and virtual ization are two very,
very separate things. They do merge at some points on dhe. You'll come across both of them on a regular basis when it comes to working in that kind of environment. But it does lead and push you kind of in towards cloud computing, So if you're not sure
this will keep you in good stead
on it, relate to build on this creates a better infrastructure for yourself and allow you to push forward into cloud computing. This allows you to progress on towards platforms like your Microsoft is your Amazon Web service. Is any other cloud based virtualization technologies as well
eso. It also offers a foundation for the next steps in a cloud or virtual ization career. If you guys are looking to head on thistles very much, where I started when I went into virtualization allows you to move on to more advanced types of technology within virtualization
on merged into cloud computing as and when you need.
It's also handy for just generally practicing or using your own labs itself. S O I imagine there might be a few of you who are looking to kind of try things out, see how they work. I'm personally very, very hands on type person. So I'm not always about
looking at just text or watching someone do it. I want to do it myself as well.
On Dhe, if you want to test something, this is a great way to make a sandbox. And if it goes wrong, you just can't shut it down, throw it away, boot up another one. You allows you to create multiple versions of that. I didn't know it's in the chap. There was a question. So Jessica was saying, What test is that? And where
so, uh,
oh, I think you might be referring to Eric was, That
s Oh, yeah. I think you might be referring to Eric on. Okay, No problem. I thought was an actual question. Then I apologize. Okay. So no problem. Yes. So that's why I would suggest doing this course
in terms of learning objectives. For this initial one, we're gonna be going through understanding hyper V both in professional, personal and certification environments for in terms of certification. Microsoft do push this inside of the Microsoft Windows server certifications that you confined
S o. If you're looking for it, there's no dedicated hyper v certification,
but this is very much something that gets covered in the if you're looking towards doing Windows Server on also Windows 10 or any client type one as well.
Yes and hello, everyone toe members are trickling in as well. Yes. Secondly, they were gonna be giving you a basic understanding of virtual ization. In general, Hyper V is not the only virtualization platform. It is the most common 12 people who are beginning simply because it's it's a it's free
on B. It's built into most things. Eso Windows 10. I think for Windows A onwards, they actually had it built in.
You could actually just install it for free, using the optional features of your operating system on Also, Microsoft give away the hyper V server core version completely for free as well. They don't charge anything on you can run that in a personal environment, in a professional environment, whatever suits yourself
eso And yet and we're gonna be going over the benefits and savings that come with that as well. And also gonna cover some general knowledge of the terminology around hyper V virtual machines and how it works with the Windows operating system, whether we have windows as a server or windows as a client,
just how it connects between the physical and the virtual environments effectively.
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