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4 hours 15 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Windows. Forensics tools. My name is Alberto Garcia, and I will be guiding you through this curse here. We're going to learn about digital forensics on some helping tools with a focus on the Windows operating system.
Now I will let a little time to dose myself. My name is Alberto Garcia. I'm a 35 computer hacking, for instance. Investigator. I haven't mastered the real information, security and privacy on. Now this belief that information moved the words on the way that this day is delivered. Two people can have a great impact in this society.
I'm here to help you in this learning process, and I'm ready to go out with me on Twitter or message meet. You have any questions?
They're probably wondering, Why should I tell you this curse? If you're a computer science student or professional looking to jump, it'll feel off information, security. Or if you're a security expert already looking to improve your understanding or in the France six, this course is for you.
Prerequisites neither. To be successful in this course includes basically standing off the it'll forensics on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Basic computer skills, a new polish off I t and a willingness to learn.
So here the course models with topics that we're going to cover in the curse
in one hour explaining what we know forensics is on. Why it is important isn't easy. Is it difficult? We're gonna see an introduction toe windows on just our forensics.
We're gonna cover some commit
about Windows forensics. We'll also learned about the methodology
for digital forensics. Different steps that we need to do
in order to perform a friend. Six Examination and analysis
In order to I will explain about Windows imaging, the different principles, the structure of window operating systems as well as the physical dressed lament culture in Windows on the logical gentlemen. Katherine Windows.
I'm some Windows device names.
The military were going to perform some hands on exercises. Imagine with Didi
and go to explain what do the ease its basic operation some D D comments on What could you do with these? Two were also want to see some ideological drive examples covering physical memory, how to look at memory on what can you find where our life in it
Mother four will be about some memory analysis tool thing we lose. I will define each tool. Where are they for their capability? On the basic comments. At the end, we're going to have some loves as hands on experience.
I'm some questions in or dental tests. You know? Lish,
he moved. Fight. We're going to learn about the security anti fire windows. Where is structure on? What can we learn from it? In a forensic examination,
Mother six is the system's history, which is a very important place to look for when performing a forensic examination. I'll explain the different highs. What can you finding him so new for history? Highs added in Windows eight on the recent route Kiss
Immortal seven. We look over analysis of the evidence some general history for to look for footprints, search history, your L's comments executed in the machine as well of files. We still in a particular Windows tool that will help us to discover or analyze your ears.
I will be showing you how to perform this process, and I need you to get a better understanding off it.
Eight. Is the Willows perfect? Another Windows Essentials. We will ever the definition how it is populated as well as the functionality and the difference. According to the version off the operating system,
following with the Windows Essentials in muscle nine, you was either store points on their key aspects in different societies in which we can discover so many secrets about the machine will be analyzing the rest of the past. How is this the best place to look, Aunt? How can we take advantage of this?
Somebody use Ricky's are present in this model
as well as some Windows integrated tools. Wish will be showing you
immoral turned booby learning all the discoveries that we can make by analyzing the recycling another off the windows essentials. As you probably know, this is where the deleted files go in Windows.
We'll see how important it is.
Where can we find it? And also how it changed from one version to another
immobile 11. We'll cover some pertinent files. Will be on the license on my Christmas offices, files, pictures, ambrosia information. I will be guiding you through labs in orderto get you Togar. Some important information as evidence which can be vital in a Frances examination. Some tools
which are explaining the same model will be used to perform this process.
Well, it will be about, we know tariff act some additional places to look with analyzing a Windows machine, such a school keys, that Dexter folder. Others book application data on so much more. I'll explain. Where can we find this information on what day I can extract from them?
It is very important that, for instance, Terminator
knows the different places to look for specific information
because it can reduce time and never for one, performing a forensics analysis
immobile to see we learn about used the store, how come we analyze it, what information can extract from it and how important it is. Additionally, we see some tools to analyse this file.
Most of 14 is about steganography, which, if you don't know what it is. Don't worry, because I was playing the definition some history, how the first Rose cryptography and, of course, how this feat in the universe off digital forensics will be using some tools to hide and extract information using steganography.
And finally, the Model 15. You will analyze the structure off email, which is known as email. Forensics will be analyzing what crimes have been discovered just by examining the information directory males for this little no, hardly Miss composed on where can we find them in a Windows machine.
So how is this core structure? We're goingto have be the electric off course. I'm some labs to give you handsome experience. We're also having some pre op assessment questions in order to test you know this you should have some dough. Nora. Very sources. A supplementary materials to help you out of your stories
in the next section. We're going to start with moral one. The basics. Some definitions on common males about Windows Forensics. It's easy. It's a difficult with it
will be also analyzing the game. There are four and six.
I'm so much more.
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