1.1 The Tor Roadmap

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Video Transcription
peoples of into West. This is tensed over and welcome to the first video, a comprehensive guide to four browser.
In this episode, we're laying up a road map through this course.
My name is tempest over again and looking about me. I am a video gamer I love with my wife to go to Disneyland. I'm a huge fan and a fan of kungfu cinema. Before we get much farther into this course, let's look over the pre Rex. Really? Aren't any down the road we will be using?
I would look up some basic command line work.
Really? Yeah.
You just need to have a desire to be safer. Anonymous online, Especially since I have peas are in extras providers happy lt Proctor movements online. And they will. This is your first video with me. Welcome aboard. You're in right place
due to the fact we're in discussions now of the Deep Web, dark lab and Dark Net. I'm going to give you the proper tools, teach you how to use them and advise on how to safely navigate the deep Web Dark Web dark next. But that said this is not an endorsement of going there illegally. at your place of work or home. Nor,
unfortunately, if anything should happen to you,
your equipment or any other possessions is cyberia or myself liable. Please be careful. Okay? They're 16 videos in total, including this one. And the conclusion was getting the topics.
There's so many different iceberg graphics that showing how spooky and how deep
down the rabbit hole things go. We're gonna clear that up first and show you what iceberg is close to, how things actually are.
Then we will discuss separation of the clarinet Deep Web, Dark Web on the dark net and there aren't that many differences. Cream cheese.
We go way back to endorse, started who started it and why, and then why you should use it
hands on time with installing tour windows 10. Machine up using a person and then we prepared to fire box Spoiler alert. They're both actually kind of cousins. Never decide on the tube. Who is the most secure of browsers?
Who do you think it is
before you really use something, you should know how it works. So here we are, digging into how it works, defying different relays and what is required to run one.
I mean, if Superman has weaknesses, then you think tor browser and network does too. They do,
But we go into the weaknesses of For what? For project is doing about it.
Plus, you're going the best practices to keep yourself safe. Anonymous online.
Let's put tor on all the things even your WiFi enabled toaster.
I'm just kicking up toaster.
We do install it on Catholics. Bertel machine. We discuss how you gonna salt on a Mac and why? Maybe you should not insult on Android in 2019 taping this.
So we already deal with onion before this part. But this lesson we go a bit deeper into onions, how they encrypt, how they work
and how to get around the dark Web on deep Web with onions.
Okay, time to go back in time and walk the halls of the tour course and wrap up
all that we learned in a nice, neat little boat. Okay, this is a good place to end this intro lesson. Let's get into the actual course. Pretty drop me a line on the social media with any questions you may have, and I will see you in next lesson. Cheers.
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