1.1 Introduction

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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome to the sequel. Injection course. My name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor for this course.
In this video, we're gonna talk about the course objectives as well as a little background on myself and the overall structure of this course.
Now, the course objectives are going to be to learn what sequel injection is as well as the different types of sequel injection. We're gonna have several labs in this course, so the first lab will start off by
doing some hands on or some manual sequel injection attacks. And then we're gonna move into a couple of tools, specifically the sequel injection of Vulnerability scanner and then also sequel map.
So prerequisites for this course you'll definitely want to have an understanding of databases. Now I will cover a very high level overview of databases in general, as well as some information about different sequel commands.
You also want to have ah, good understanding of operating system. So specifically, Windows and Linux OS again just related to the aspect of databases
you want to understand Web application. So just understanding the communication stream between client and server or just understanding that you go out to a site like Google or YouTube, and when you put it in some type of request, you get information back on whatever request you wanted.
And this course is always a CZ. Many of my courses are specifically targeted towards those people studying for any type of penetration testing related exams. So if you have an interest in pen testing or ethical hacking, as it's called in the media, that this course is intended for you. So I list a couple exams there CH and Pen Test Plus, which are some of the more common ones
that people are out there taking.
Who am I? Well, of course I mentioned my name is Get Underhill, the master instructor over a cyber Most agent professor of digital forensics. I hold a masters in Cyber Security and Information Assurance, as well as an undergraduate degree in information systems and cybersecurity management I currently hold to certifications. I hold the EEC counsel certified ethical hacker
as well as the computer hacking forensic investigators certifications.
I've written questions as well as reviewed questions as well as reviewed content for both E, c E h and C H. If I exam stre E. C Council. And no, I cannot tell you the answers for the exams, mostly because the n d A. They make you sign and then also because I actually don't know the answers for the exams that you might take.
So we're recovering in this course. Obviously, it's about sequel injection, but specifically in module one, we're gonna talk about it. I mentioned some basic information about databases as well as some basic information about Web applications. Web server client communication will also
talk about sequel injections. Will talk about what is sequel injection is Well, it's a different types of sequel injection
and also ways we can mitigate it.
Module to is all about lab. So we start off with me showing you where you can go get a downloadable stuff to set up your own VM. So in this course, the first lab we do is actually in the cyber lab environment. And then the next couple of court labs where I show you the tools those are in the interest of basic Callie
the instance that I'm running so basically my own virtual environment.
So what? I'm gonna show you first before we jump into all those labs as I show you where you can go get virtual box where you can get Callie lyrics as well as where you can get medicine playable.
And then module three, we just wrap things up. So I talk about where you can find the assessment for this course. And now I want to mention here in the introduction that the assessment requires you to have the Cyberia lab environment. So if you don't have that, just checking the conclusion section there and I'll mention specifically in that video what you could do if you don't have access to the cyber relapse.
And then, of course, we wrap things up in the very last video and module three with our conclusion talking about some of the next steps that you should do after this course. And I want to mention also and we'll get to that in just a moment. But I want to mention about supplemental Resource is for this course. There are several of them, so make sure you download those.
So how is this course structured? Well, it's gonna be on demand video. So including the labs. Now with the labs, I've got step by step guides for all of the labs that I'm showing you. However, for the assessment portion of this course, I do not have a step by step guide, obviously, because it's an assessment.
So I don't want you to be able to walk through it. I want you to actually use your skills that you've learned in this course.
You complete the assessment,
and as I mentioned already, we're gonna have Supplement of Resource is in this course to make sure you click on the resource is tab and download all of those specifically if you want to do the labs, I've got step by step guides for you. So make sure you down on download all that stuff on that really help you throughout this entire course.
So just one quick post assessment question. I would like to keep him pretty easy here in the introduction section. So I have a doctorate degree. Is that true? Falls.
All right, obviously, that's false, right? I mentioned I have a master's degree as well as an undergrad degree, but I don't have a doctorate, and I have no plans to go back and write a bunch of papers to get a doctor degree. So that's not in my pipeline right now.
All right, So this video, we discovered a brief introduction to the course we talked about who I am is your instructor. We talked about some of the main major course objectives. So things like learning what sequel injection is as well as the different types of sequel injection attacks.
And in the next video, where to go ahead and learn about databases at a very, very high level.
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