1.1 Setting Up Hyper-V Part 1

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5 hours 8 minutes
Video Transcription
everyone on. Thank you for joining me. My name is Chris D'Amico. Andi. I'm gonna be guiding you through this video. Siri's where we're gonna be discussing hyper V fundamentals. I'm gonna be showing you how to go about creating a virtual machine using Mark Soft hyper V at its basic essence, going through virtual networking.
We're gonna be discussing
the background surrounding hyper V how it works compared to physical machines that you might already be aware off. But this is very much There's no nothing you need. In order to get this going, we're gonna be going through everything from start to finish. Hopefully, by the end of the course, you'll feel a bit more.
There were a smoother relationship between yourself on hyper V, possibly a little bit of background towards virtualization in general as well.
So I'm gonna ever working through this, you might want to know a little bit about me, so I'm just very quickly gonna touch on those. So, first off, I've got almost 20 years of experience. I've bean around for a long time
coming up Thio my very much into my late thirties now. So I've been doing this since I was about 17.
Previous experience includes virtual ization and cloud computing. Onda also Cem Cem major projects that I've been involved with in terms of consultation in general, in I t s o I'm very much A When I first started my career, I was very much a jack of all trades, like a technical consultant.
Andi, I've just built my career on that effectively, and I've kind of moved up on Dhe brought all of my skill levels up
at a steady rate rather than specializing a couple of idea a couple of ideas of what kind of stuff I've done previously. So I've done a major consolidation off some rather large business office towers in tow. One.
This was delivered approximately three weeks ahead of schedule, just over half a £1,000,000 under budget, and it's for one of Europe's largest
independent oil companies. This was a situation where losing a server for a minute would cost about £12,000 s o. If you haven't noticed, I am British, it will be pounds in the slides.
I think the conversion rate is about a dollar 32 a pound. Just so you know, about 30% on top of that.
That gives you an idea on that one. And I've also been involved in the set up on maintenance of a fully working wireless and wired network for the London Marathon on Race Day s O. If you guys have ever seen the London Marathon TV fairly large international marathon,
lots of sponsors going on and things like that.
The timing for that which is split second critical. I was involved as one of the major consultants on that.
I am currently a practicing I t auditing and projects manager. What does that mean? It sounds like I've got three jobs. It feels like it. Sometimes. Basically, what it means is I merge. I t in general, whether it's tech support, pretty sales infrastructure, whatever it might be
on, I mix it with auditing and compliance. So if you've heard of things like
the Data Protection Act or GDP are anything that's come out recently, any finish cybersecurity involvement and then emerge it all into a project management role as well. So I very much found over the years that you can't have one of these things without the other two being involved. They're very much merging together more and more as time goes on
in my spare time. I am, believe it or not A street dancer on Akwa Wrist. So that means I like to keep keep fish. Tropical fish. I like to keep them in there kind of natural habitats on I'm also an average PC gamer. My weapon of choice right now is destiny too.
S o if any of you guys play destiny to please hit me up and we will have a game or two together. If you guys fancy running any few strikes, I do main a Titan and I'm pretty good at it, I will say.
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