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Video Transcription
Welcome back to cyber reintroduction, of course, to build the information security lapse,
I'm your host and instructor Kevin Hernandez.
Review. In our prior lesson, we discussed what It's an information security lap. Why, you should build your own info sec lap
and what to expect out of this course
in this lesson, you'll start planning your lap.
Now. What are the objectives of discourse or listen?
First of all,
you gotta ask yourself, What are you looking at? Your lap?
Do you just wanna replicate your current work environment?
You just want to build on what we called a cold lap where basically you speeding different OS and play around good familiar with interfaces?
Or do you want to actually have a live system where you actually protect your home office or your personal home with enterprise level security? This first question it's very, very important for you to answer yourself.
It involves how death
you want. Your resource is to be. Your organization of resource is right and how much time you will put into a slap. As a matter of this course, we'll consider it is to be alive, environment and will properly got you into building a similar environment.
Now we won't be able to cover all the tools and and the market, but we will cover at least one tool out of
H type of technology out there.
After you answer that question, you gotta ask yourself what type of resource is you currently have?
And when I say this is,
it could be how many old computers you have lying around? How many computers are going to repurpose? Are you gonna operate your current up gaming system into a lab?
What? You just have a little bit of influx of capital to spend into building this type of empire in right.
And this is very important to go together with the first question,
you have to be realistic. You cannot pretend to have a life system repopulating up enterprise grade network while on Lee having $100 worth of capital to invest, not having any old systems than having anything
thing to repurpose
not having anyone to donate you any type of equipment, etcetera. So you gotta be realistic between question warning to you really have to sit down and analyze what's realistic. And don't worry, it will help you go through that now
I know the question. You have to ask yourself after I said the 1st 2 question is
you rather have several power efficient systems or her a single powerful system.
Now, why do I ask this? Ah, popper efficient system, right, Most likely will be. Let's save. You're looking to repurpose ing on old system. That laptop with a broken screen
you might be looking at maybe a a nook, right? Ente Look, you might be looking at, I don't know, a small form factor computer meaning I t x system verses. When you're talking about a single power for system I'm talking about,
let's say, ah, a T X
type of tower, right. A power tower old gaming system being repurposed into a lap
And why doesn't matter? Well, when you're using a power efficient system, you know, 65 wad 85 wallets 100 watts,
he tend to have very small amount off state airports or storage. You have very minimal
ram slot capacities, and obviously you're not gonna have a very strong CPU.
When you're talking about a single powerful system, you're gonna have for six, maybe eight grams lots in your system, which you can grow a lot of RAM
in a cost effective way. Verses, you know, having to single slots like in the old laptop right, but only that having desktop grade ram sometimes can be less expensive. Or you can get more out of it than in our small form factor system, due to the way that he propagates in smaller and closest in spiritualism or
Bigger built physically ring
after that, like in major earlier. You have to act assess if you have any type of access to refurbish a recycling or equipment.
Sometimes if you're working for a big corporation, you might be able to get your hands on a free systems even used to into this, it's not asked. Nice looking as having, you know one big system like a rack, right, like a server rack. But at the same time, you're saving a lot of money. When you do is
and when you look at recycle refurbished equipment,
you also can look into even a You know, old server form will be a lot cheaper, and you serve a form and may be, you know, 50% performance for the same power usage. But at the same time, it cost you 25% less than a new system. Another thing to consider
is what is your experience building or operating a system.
If your experience enough are confident in your knowledge, you can save A. Consider an amount of money performing small operates, such as upgrading the ram on. The last question
is what type of flab you're trying to build. As I mentioned in the first question, right, while you're looking out of it, are you looking basically to have a live system
or something, where you just replicate your environment to get family formula rights with the dashboards? And the recent I asked. This is because if you're having what I like to call a cold lab,
you don't need as many resource is as this. Applications tell you, right, Publication might tell you need eight gigs, But since you don't have
actual deed are going in. Maybe we wanted to. Gigs should be more than enough, and therefore you will save money in these type of configurations. And when we talk into the hardware configuration itself,
now let's take a short break. When we're back, we'll discuss the benefits and the disadvantages off each of these laps that I just mentioned. What are the pros off a Colt lab versus a system that is basically life similar to dose. So you have in your corporate environment season?
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