1.1 Introduction

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Video Transcription
and welcome to the side Berries Empty. A 98 36 or seven security fundamentals certification prep course.
My name is Jim Hollis and I will be your subject matter expert. Hold various certifications and if base security, including the certified if my security manager, the system security certified practitioner,
the certified advance secretive practitioner turn clue the security plus certification,
it should be noted that I have some other certifications. But our family believe that my designation as a Microsoft certified trainer or M. C. T, as well as the empty A 98 V 67 Security Fundamental certification. Ah, most relevant for this particular course of instruction.
Now let's take a look at the course outline and the order in which should be covered. We will begin by first. Answer the question. What is it? 98 3 67 secretive, fundamental certification all about. And in fact, what are some of the benefits?
The topics to be discussed doing this particular course instruction, beginning with Model one, is understanding that various security layers
martyr to authentication, authorization and accounting.
Mother. Three. Understanding security policies model for understanding network security and finally but least. But least none of which we're gonna look at modern five hardening the server and the client
in the upcoming video would be taking a look again at security fundamentals in terms of the exam module, in terms of what are some of the requirements and so forth. With all that being said,
let's get started.
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