1.1 Introduction

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40 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the cross site scripting course. My name is Kunder. Who? I will be an instructor for this course in this particular video. Want to talk about how the course is structured? Also, talk about our objectives overall, for this course as well as a little background on who I am is your instructor.
So what are our objectives? Well, we're gonna be learning what cross site scripting is also some different types of cross site scripting as well as getting some hands on with a couple of laps in this course. And I also have some assessments that I want you to do as part of the course. Wrap up
prerequisites that will be helpful for you again. You could walk into this course technically with no experience at all. But you'll be confused when we talk about some different terms. So to help you with that some prerequisites that you wanna have our understanding of Web browsers. So when we talk about things like cookies or something, you'll know what we're talking about. That we're not talking about Grandma's chocolate chip cookies.
Also understanding how Web communication work supplying server relationships,
understanding of operating systems, this Wilson basic, No working knowledge and then this course is usually targeted towards us. Most of my courses are individuals that are looking for a pen tests top of path so people may be studying for the company, a pen test plus or the EEC counsel certified ethical hacker examination.
Who I Well, I'm Canada. Hill of the master instructor A Sigh Berry. I'm also aging professor of digital forensics.
I know the Masters in cyber Security Information Assurance. I also hold the EEC counsel certified ethical hacker as well as in computer hacking, forensic investigator examinations, certifications and I've also written questions and reviewed content for both the CH and see if I exam for easy counsel.
So what are we covering in this course we'll hear in the introduction module. So macho one. In this video, as I mentioned, we're talking about the core structure of the objectives and myself. And then in the next video, we're gonna be talking about what cross that scripting is and the different types of it. And then we'll move into module tour. We'll have a couple of laps wants gonna be on a reflected attack. The other one we're gonna do a browser hook attack?
Well, the tool called beef
and then the module three. I'll talk about the assessment so I'll talk about where to go find the assessments as well as, well, wrap things up in the conclusion video.
The other thing I want to mention is that we'll have downloadable guides for you, for the labs, for the labs. We walk through this course, I want to clarify that because the assessments I don't have guides for you. That's on purpose.
So speaking of all that houses course, structured on demand video is gonna be all this stuff here on some of that's gonna be a lecturer, as I mentioned in the next video. And then predominantly, it's gonna be labs. So we'll find that in Module two.
As I mentioned, we have assessments, so those are gonna be lab based assessments. So that's going to stuff you find in the cyber candle ob and I'll show you again and module three. Where to go find those two. Go ahead and work through those. I've also got some quiz quiz questions that you've been downloaded work through
as well as they step by step lab guides as I mentioned for the labs that we do in module two
and all those are considered supplemental resource is, and your finals of the resource is tap. Now, for some reason, you don't see those attached to the course sending email to support at cyber Doubt. I'd let them know so they can get those fixed for you.
All right, a quick post assessment question here. This one's very easy. So if you were paying attention at all, if you have a foundational knowledge of cross site scripting, you'll know the answer to this question. So cross that scripting is a form of handwriting and the English language.
All right, that was very easy, right? We all the less false. That was very easy. One. I'd like to keep it simple in the introduction video here.
As I mentioned in the next video, we'll go ahead and jump right into what cross site scripting is as well as a different types. And in this video, we just covered the structure of the course, the objectives of the course overall and then also an introduction to myself as your instructor
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