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welcome to the surgery's introduction course to regular expressions, also known as heretics. My name is Kevin Hernandez, and I'll be your instructor for discourse
Before we started scores. Let me tell you a little bit about my background. I'm a senior information security engineer with over six years of experience. My current focus being Deal P
A V s. I am Zaun. Forensics medication includes a master's and information security insurance as well as industry. Search such a C i S S B c a chem on others.
I'll settle my career. Have a regular life just like you. I go to the movies, watch Netflix. Oh, and I do practice March are large currently processing a black belt in aikido jujitsu and recently started Emma and Brazilian jujitsu in which I have a white belt.
Let me know when those comments what you do for career. Hey, and if you have a secret move into due to you won't mind sharing hit me up. I would love to learn it. If you're wondering who discourses for
anyone, literally anyone, there's no technical requirements, no course for represents no programming knowledge at all. You have any questions or any concerns on anything. I'm here to help you and answer those concerns.
Now, before we move into the course objective, let me tell you a little Acted on how I came across red tricks. I was, ah, entry lover, stock analyst, And I was managing blocks in a security tool.
This will take place, you know, maybe 10 times a day.
And I was boring tire of it. Very repetitive process. I was blocking, like bat site. 1234 And there were patterns in there.
And one day I know it is a little box that said Reg IX
opened with my browser. Such projects was and voila. The rest is history. I started incorporating Reg exes in my day to day process and at some degree for actively protected my employer by blocking emerging threats by curently place Red Sixes.
Now what should you expect to learn from this course? First of all,
what is it? Records.
Expression, right?
I understand the benefits that regulars expressions bring to you.
Learn how to read, read IX
and how to write simple Rogic's using browser assistant tools.
On today's lesson, we will go over. What is it? Raj IX some of the uses of Red IX and some of samples I have built for you specifically for this course.
First of all, let's start with what is such Fredericks.
basically an advance search pattern. That's the best description I have found on the Internet for it.
For me.
I call it the not so Wild wild card.
Why? Because it's basically a walk hard that you have a lot of control of. Okay,
now what can it be used for?
It could be used for a lot of things. Search non specific content
again. The reference. A walk hard
truck. Specific data from Web pages such as content names, product names, prices, etcetera. If you're a developer, you can also incorporate this into your code. No questions s Now. If your information security analysts like me,
you can use his injury information. Security tools as well
is supported by many of the top industries and products such as S. I am Sze Deal P. A V. Web security appliance and email security appliances. Now that all may sound great, but what exactly does it does for you? Well, let's first take, for example, my anecdote. I told you earlier.
I was doing the exact same thing multiple times a day
and I was playing a catch up game. I was able to enhance my current process. But incorporating rejects and basically improve the overall aspect off my quality of work by pro actively defending my industry. You can also take advantage either
by a similar way or a different weight. You can achieve this as well.
Now you must be super excited to start. And let me tell you there's tools available for you as the ones we're going to see now on the screen. This case reject, sir, This tool. It's absolutely free. It's wet, be's no membership. As you can see, there's very minimal adds. It's a free tool for you to build and test
your regular expressions.
And even though this is not the only tool in the market, this is the one I started with. And it is super simple. Here on the left side, you have a cheat cheat with the most common concepts for Raj IX. It will help you Ah, lot in the long run. Trust me,
you will use it. And this is what I love about this website
now let me show you real quick. One Reddick's I built
on the top is a regular expression. And in the bottom, the results. You will understand how to read this. At the end of this court, you will understand the only that also how to write it and how to write similar things regardless of what you are sentient for. Okay, that's I said. You are not alone.
You are here with me. We will learn together. Okay. You will be able to easily create register just as the one you saw
and enhancer everyday activities.
When our next lesson we will discuss when it's beneficial to implement Reddick's injured activities and when it is not such a good idea.
Hope to see you soon. Have a great day.
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In this course you'll learn the basics of regular expressions, also known as Regex. As a professional you will understand when it is beneficial to use Regex and when it's not, how to construct Regex, and how to read Regex built by other professionals.

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