1.1 Introduction

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Video Transcription
welcome to the I T Security curse. My name is Alejandro Pena, and I'll have the pleasure to be your instructor for all these training sessions.
Uh, simple record sized must have before this. This curse is to have some tea background
and, you know, stop some basic information security or cyber security knowledge. However, that doesn't mean that it didn't fulfill those poor exercise. You will not understand the contact. As matter of fact, we start with some actually some basic information security topics,
and we build the goods up that so stay tuned.
The curse objectives is to understand the main concepts off information, security or citing security. And of course, I see security. After that, you will be able to assess the security and develop a risk man management life cycle
are around your I T infrastructure
To be able to cheat that this car's will contain some white board and screen sharing sessions. We will also see some hands on exercises
so you can see have to actually assess a my CI devices security.
The learned our relatives of this choruses thio
well, basically be able to identify what's the resolution for your team for structure to do that, you will need to understand some men for mentioned security concepts like, you know, business impact analysis
a risk overall, countermeasures. Best praxis, disaster recovery and business continue to plans.
Way have gun will cover all these concepts in the curse, and you can apply them to the i A. T infrastructure. You may have,
uh, who should be watching these walls. In my opinion, everybody everybody's welcome aboard in this current, you know, from season it in for a sec. Professionals to pen testing aficionados are cyber sec aficionados. Percent. Everybody is welcome to join this. As I said before, we will,
uh, see, son,
basic or main information. Security topics taking. Understand the type that tire content off the course.
Uh, well, a little bit about mean, um,
I have more than 50 years of off experience. Um, in the information security, feel mainly focus in and freshen testing model, Earth engineering, intern response and forensics. I have a couple of fortifications, which is the CSP.
Uh oh. Mississippi, for example. She's been testing,
um, some a risk on our 10 certification. The decision Priske
and certify that the hiker and ideal, you know, just to mention a couple of them.
Uh, well, if you're looking to learn on the basics of from off duty security, then modules two and three are for you. If you're looking to learn in Maine, most bands points off. I'll see security than module 56456 And then are for you.
If you're looking to learn cloud based problems Solutions of the i o. T. Then Module seven is for you
and for investor looking to gains and knowledge have cracked the ideology modules five and six are for you
and looking forward. Well, this is basically how the cars will be a construct, uh, seven models. Well, as I said in the beginning, we will start with the basic concepts and we will build the curse off of that. And we can, you know, token, most bands information like a photography
and cloud and, you know, intestine
etcetera. So stay tuned, everybody
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