1.1 Introduction

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2 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome to the newest and most snake themed course on Cyber Eri On demand. If you're watching this video, you were at the beginning of a fantastic intermediate python course. And I'm not just saying that because I am the instructor, though I am for those who you don't know me. My name is Joe Perry. I'm the director of research here at Psy Berry,
which means that I get to spend most of my days creating videos like this and performing research
to help people like you expand your knowledge and build your careers. I personally have been a developer, a software engineer, vulnerability analyst and exploit developer of six cybersecurity researcher. I've done basically everything in cyber security and I t. And a lot of it twice.
I am formerly of the United States federal government. I worked in the Department of Defense For most of a decade.
I was I've worked with most of the three letter agencies throughout the intelligence community. I've worked in a lot of research and development shops, which has given me the familiarity that I need to help you guys learn about python and learn about programming as a discipline. So I'm very excited to be here using that sort of skill set that I've gotten to build to help you build it yourself.
You can find me on Twitter at Joseph R. Perry I, V one
under the handle of crippling securities. You can additionally find me on Lincoln at that link. It might be that way.
It's hard to keep your bearings when you're doing this picture in picture kind of thing. But either way, we will have that link on these slides which will be available as supplemental materials,
additional supplemental materials. We're gonna be working out of out of a new bumpkin 64 bit VM. We've got Vin, Pip and Terminator.
For those of you have seen my videos before, you know that sort of the baseline. I'm gonna have that on pretty much any on any of'em that I'm working with. We do have some exercises. We have a phenomenal loud provided by next deck which you took our intruder python course, you know, and you're an insider and you know how sick tacular those labs are? How valuable On how useful.
If you're not an insider and you don't have access to CyberRays labs. That's okay. We are still gonna give out the lab assignments and some solution coaching. You can look through that.
You just won't have quite as much hands on with our with the specialized tools to help you learn. You'll still have the ability to work on it on your own and check it against our solution coat. So no worries there. Additionally, the end of every lesson we're gonna do a periodic knowledge check just to review everything that we've covered in that lesson. And make sure that you got all of the high points
after a remodel will do a review in summary where we just quickly touch on every topic in that module.
And then at the very end of the course, we're gonna have a final assessment. That's just gonna be a long list of the things we've discussed with some questions and knowledge checks built into that. So we're gonna have basically anything that could possibly help verify your learning and make you feel more comfortable with this programming language. It's gonna be in our supplemental material.
So the prerequisites for this course, unlike a lot of the courses on cyber and a lot, of course, is that I've taught.
This is not an intro course. This is of course, that is for people who are at least reasonably familiar with language and with programming. So you're gonna need a computer because you're gonna be programming. You are gonna need to be familiar with Lennox Command Colonel, You can kind of get away with not having that knowledge, but it's gonna be very challenging at times.
It's helpful to be familiar with the EMS. I'm going to be working out of a V N.
I recommend you do the same because we're gonna be using some operating system functionality, which means that it is possible to write code badly enough to damage your operating system, which is never a good thing to do on your host machine. Additionally, you really want to be familiar with the basic Python concept, the things that we covered in our intro python course and that most intra python courses will cover
python functions, the different pipe on data types, numbers list strings and dictionaries,
how to create and use scripts, you know how to write your hello world and things like that. That information is just not something we have time to cover in a in a series like this or in a course like this. So it's highly recommended. You've taken our intercourse. And then between that and this, you've taken some time off to really focus on just practicing with Python, getting familiar with it,
exploring the language a little bit and getting your own sort of based grounding with it
that's gonna make this course a lot easier to understand. It's gonna mean that you're going to get a lot more out of it.
So are learning objectives are three core objectives for this course, which is gonna the video content, of course, is gonna be about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours. We're gonna cover three core topics. We're gonna perform input and output tasks with python. We're going to understand and use python classes, which are one of those powerful aspects of python that we just could not touch in an intro course
just because it's they can get very complex very quickly. So we're gonna spend a bunch of time on those.
They're gonna learn how to create python modules that things were gonna be importing in order to use in these programs. You've probably imported yourself where you learn how to create those and make our code more easily reusable.
So are you in the right place? While there are a few questions for that, have you completed our intro to python course or course similar to it? Are you familiar with the core concept of python programming? Again functions, scripts and data types are gonna be essential flow controls. Another thing you're really gonna want. Understand?
Uh, do you want to expand your understanding of the language? Do you feel like you've got a good grounding and you want to
take the next step? And of course, and most importantly, are you excited to learn a new skill, That excitement? I say it all the time. I talked about it all the time. I'm usually very excited in these videos because it's going to make the make or break your learning experience about if you're more excited. If you're Maur enthusiastic, you will be more successful. That's just
an objective fact. So hopefully you're excited to learn new skills. Hopefully, at least one of these other bullets apply to you
because in that case, you are in the right place, and we're thrilled to have you here. So over the course of our three modules, we're gonna be again talking about io classes and, of course, modules, model threes. When I jokingly called the module module in module one, we're gonna talk about user and put file io and interfacing with the operating system
module to we're gonna learn how to implement classes. We're gonna learn about generators and general generators, which are complex data structures in python,
and they're gonna learn about exceptions which are absolutely fundamental core parts of being a skilled and advanced program. And then in Module three, we're gonna do a deep dive on modules, see how they're constructed, see what they look like. We're gonna learn how to create modules, and then we're gonna have less than three, which probably doesn't belong in Module three. But
I like the symmetry there it will be our overall course summary and review.
So that's all there is for this injury video. Hopefully, you're ready to get started, and hopefully your a t least half is excited as I am about this intermediate python course again, I'm your instructor, Joe Perry, And when you come back to our next video. We're gonna be talking about in foot input and output in the python programming language. So I'll see you back
in our next video on cyber eri on demand.
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