1.1 Introduction

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2 hours 48 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to the fundamentals of Terra Form Course. My name is James Leone, and I will be your instructor for the next few hours
before we dive into terra form. Let's cover some of the prerequisites for this course. You're gonna want a solid grasp of cloud fundamentals. Experience with public clouds as your aws Google.
If you don't have it, it's okay. There are some great cyber recourse is that you can refer to that I've listed up here. Additionally, you're gonna want some experience writing scripts or programming. Feeling comfortable with languages. I've given you some examples. Bash, Power Shell Python
can be those could be other programming languages. And if you don't feel comfortable with those things,
there's some great courses in Siberia that cover these topics. So a little bit about myself. My name's James Leone of 20 years of experience working in i T. Leadership roles application development rolls Operation management roles primarily have worked in the biotech and health care industries, with little bit of entertainment industry
sprinkled in there.
I have a bachelor's degree in computer science. I have certifications, cybersecurity certification, certified information systems, security, professional certified cloud security knowledge and I'm a certified scrum master
First hobbies. I love travel
coaching you youth athletics, participating in athletics myself and I also really have a passion for mountaineering and
ah, little interesting fact about me. I grew up on a farm. At one point we had 50 chickens and 35 pigs all at the same time. Sofrito reach out to me via linked in Have the information posted down there can help you too much with chickens and pigs at this point, but would love to talk technology,
medical technology, biotechnology, other applied technology in ways to improve your business process. Dev ops,
you name it. I'm probably interested in talking about it. I don't just love to get to know the difference students and get feedback on the courses. But enough about me. Who is this course intended for? Well, if you're Dev ops, engineer or manager of Dev Ops engineers, cyber liability engineers.
Definitely. This is for you full stack developers that are going to be responsible for defining the infrastructure that applications run on. This is for you. Found security engineers that wanna understand a little bit more about
how terra form is used in how it fits in and what kind of role I can play in ensuring security. And similarly with Appert application architects,
you may not be defining the terra form scripts itself, but just getting a familiarity with the role of terra form. And in some of the basic capabilities, this course is certainly for you. So learning objectives for this course by the time we're done that you definitely gonna know where terra form fits into the infrastructure is code equal system.
You're gonna have a good feel for the fundamental syntax and how terra form code is organized. You're gonna know where to go for valuable resource is and references as you're making your future terror form work because we're not gonna cover every single aspect of terra form. But I want to make sure you walk away from here at least knowing how to fish.
You're also gonna learn
how to simplify and establish reusable patterns using terra form modules.
And then finally, you're gonna understand the practices to use terra form in a team environment,
lab materials, they're gonna be Kia. As you go through this course, we're gonna be doing a lot of hands on development and coding. I have a link there to the get hub site where these materials are hosted, there will be a link to it in alongside your course materials and cyber areas. Well, you're definitely gonna want to access that. It's set up for anonymous access to Don't worry, you don't need to get up count.
And that does it for the introduction.
Let's get hands on with terra form.
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