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4 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. I hope you're doing great.
My name is Millington Never is. And I will be Get guiding used for the curse Introduction to savor credit. Italians,
I hope you're as excited as I am to start his curse. This video will be an introduction to the cyber threat, intelligence curse and a little bit of myself.
So you know more of the person you're gonna be listening for the next hours,
So let's start.
Okay, so who am I?
What a philosophical question.
Well, as I said before, my name is Millington. Alice, I'm from Water Moloch. A little country in Central America just a bit below Mexico.
I have been in the security field for around eight years, and for most of it, I have been a penetration tester.
Currently, I am a CS has bean ch and always be certification holder.
I have been a college teacher for almost four years now.
I created and I have been teaching the curse off ethical hacking in the computer science carry program and my university and also teach the information security system curse in the same university
regarding my hobbies in my free time, I often enjoy writing poetry or actually any kind of narrative.
I've been practicing boxing for more than a year, and last but not least, I enjoyed very much hitting the gaming consoles every now and then
in my social media and gave me black forms. You can find me either as Dark Knight seven or Millington seven.
You can find me and have a little bit more detailed my experience in information security at my glink teen account. Also, you can validate my identity use in the crypt of from everyone air quotes, social media and sheriff encrypted message with me and for my PGP public.
And if you have any questions, comments or would like to do a follow up regarding any of the subjects discussing this video, you can email me at Millington that now Ask that seven at gmail dot com. I'll be happy to chat with you
okay about this curse. Seven. Great intelligence. It's one of the most exciting subjects in cyber security,
So why should you take it?
Well, you should take it if you're curious and you're looking to improve the security strategy in your organization
or if you're looking to learn how to keep up with the actual hackers out there.
What threats are coming? What vulnerabilities are being exploited? What new attacks Schemers are actually happening around you. Or if you believe that just setting up firewalls and monitoring is not enough to be in a good position regarding cybersecurity, and you would prefer a more proactive approach.
And if you want to know the secrets behind data collection and old information available on the Internet for you to use and prepared yourself for any type of attack
well, maybe not any type of attack, but those that are more likely to happen to you or your organization. Yeah, cyber threats and tell youse will tell you that as well.
Okay, but what do you need to know before entering? Discuss? I'm not gonna lie to you. There will be theory concepts that I need you to be familiar with, like confidentiality, integrity and available early. And when our each one of them important on when you should protect him. But fear not, not everyone. Bill will be theory.
It is preferred that you have some experience with some technical approaches to where cyber security.
Just as network protocols and data flow in Seon response neck were monitoring pull nervously being exploits, et cetera, et cetera. Well, I have found some pretty interesting concepts and material from these resources. I Rick, I recommend you to follow these materials along with these curse or as a compliment of it,
the first source.
It's a link to a threat Intelligence Handbook written by record. The future recovered The future is an organization focus entirely on helping on providing cyber tracked Italian service is,
ah, lot of concepts and material discussing discursive. I referenced in that book,
and because of the orientation of that book, they're very interesting. Additional concepts that may help with implementation off a cyber trade intelligence unit in an organization,
the other crew reserves of our book that I have personally used to gain knowledge regarding the keys to have present in a cyber trade, Italians implementation
and what should be taken into account, depending on the organization's objectives.
who is the curses target audience? Well, I'm pretty sure that to begin with, anyone interested in the topic will really enjoy this curse. But more specifically, this curse is directed to all the security people export, exploring new areas, new approaches and new techniques in cyber security.
Those who are looking to get technical experience in cybersecurity threats, indicators of compliments, compromise vulnerabilities, threat groups and how to identify all of them.
Big Bull looking to acquire a state of the art knowledge regarding cybersecurity and with that
career advancement, injured current or other organization.
Okay, now let's discuss dissect this curse
in the first model. We're gonna get through this your instructor, and talk to you about what you're going to learn, what the unit, which are the models in discourse. And a very brief introduction about what? A cyber trip threat. Intelligence Basically, what you're looking right now.
In the second model, we will review the history and a region of the term intelligence, how it has grown throughout the years and what it has become, too these day. Also, we will have a brief introduction to some of the units that have the most interaction with cyber threat intelligence.
The third model will show us how it's a cyber security strategy can adopt an intelligence perspective on Lay on the cyber trading Italians unit to feel most off the information needed to apply multiple strategies occurred into the business objectives.
The four bubble will be one of the most demanding models, as we're gonna going to dive into the tale about three of the most crucial units that require cyber tracked Intelligence service is and how they use that information to the organization's advantage.
In the fifth model, we're going to discuss a little bit about fraud prevention
and how are currently directed. Cyber Treacy Tellings will allow us to detect when an extra traction has occurred and none of the technology is in place has been able to detect it.
The six model will dive into the cyber, treading till Ian's unit and what frameworks are available to make it work.
The exciting part of this model is that the framework that we're going to review the frameworks that we're going to review are not mutually exclusive.
This means that more than one can be used at the same time enhancing December treaty intelligence capability as much as possible.
In the seven model, we will have all the tools available to director implementation and get the most out off a saver credit Italians unit in a giving organization.
This model will give the keys that one has to keep in mind when establishing all the processes, procedures and especially the directives using seven trades Intelligence that life cycle,
The Eighth Motor will start giving our conclusion and close in the information needed. Tito understand all this cyber craft, intelligence objectives, capabilities, goals into an organization,
And last but not least, the ninth and last model will give a brief summary of the most important topics. Discuss, drill this curse and will sight of reference used in these cursed
hoping you're taking with you a different perspective about cyber security and savor trips. Intelligence.
So that's it. We're done with the episode zero off Introduction to Sabre Tread Intelligence. Thanks for joining. See you in the next video.
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