1.1 Introduction

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Video Transcription
Hey, guys, Welcome to the Cybercult. In course on Savary this is a German name and today we're going to just the course. But first, let me start point disc myself. My name's Adam a name and I hold a bachelor's degree in computer science. My experiences mostly in cyber security and
includes penetration, testing, subscript architecture, governance, Iskan compliance,
access management. And I'm currently working as a security engineer supporting school systems.
I hold a number of certificates, including C I C s P c A cement, see risk. And if you were wondering if I got my sea SSB
by connecting the sea ice is people to my head using the ah, a USB cable?
Actually, that did not really work and you have to study for it. However, Sabri has a great sea ice to speak. Course that I had a recommend.
OK, so the target audience for the scores are computer science and subsequent students looking to gain real world knowledge. Also, career professionals looking to make the jump into cybersecurity
would benefit a lot from this course. Ah, the best way to protect from hacker is to think like a hacker. And this is the intention of this course is to show you how hackers work and hopefully at the end of show you how to protect from these attacks.
Finally, engineers looking to improve the understanding of security, I promise you, if you go through this course
at the end Ah, you're next conversation. Would this good team will be a lot easier. So the prerequisite for this course is basic knowledge of cybersecurity attacks calendar. Next. If you are planning planning, go following with the labs, you need to start callin extreme machine.
Ah, if you go to the source is paid, you find in additional readings links
to Cali Lennix Virtual Machine. You also need Internet connection, which I assume you already have as your viewing This ah course.
Okay, so let's start pre assessment course. These will help us determine the knowledge that we gain at the end. We're going to go through the same questions at the end. I'm not going to give you the answers now, however, thought the course. I hope that you remember these questions. The first thing is, what is the cyber kill chain?
A. Second is what are the seven steps of the new kid Martin Cybercult chain.
What steps in the Clinton are passive and active.
And finally, how do you use the subculture in and designing a defense in depth model?
So the learning objectives of this course is to introduce the new kid Martin Savage kill chain
and share the steps of that cyberculture in. So it's a number of steps that we're gonna learn about, go through each and every step and then ah,
go through designing a defense in depth. You using the cybercult chain model?
I've added some additional readings in the development resources links to most off the tools that we use almost all of the tools that we use during the course and additionally things that you might find
Uh, just a disclaimer. December Kitchen is the trademark of Located Martin, the usage of the Sabra cult Ian and this course is intended for educational purposes. As I said, uh, looking, Martin did a great job this agriculture pain, and it's
kind of the best way to teach how hackers attempt targeted attack is using that kitchen. So Ah,
a lot of times, uh,
courses tend to use this habit protein for that educational purpose.
So in the next video. We're going to start the course. We're going to jump into this African cane and introduced the cyber kitchen. See you then.
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