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Hello and welcome to Cloud Architecture Foundations. My name's Kevin Mayo and I'm your instructor On behalf of the Amazing Cyberia of Security and 90 team. Our research assistants are content creators and our subject matter experts are teaching. Assistants were so excited to bring you our version of cloud architecture,
Cloud I Ke and Cloud Security.
But to begin with, I'd like to start by telling you a short story
and Corpus 5000 employees with Coop Partners and offices all over the United States and Corpse Primary business is to service US farmers so that they have the most productive and successful crops to help feed the world. Ah, lofty goal for sure and Corp uses an amazing CR M called Salesforce.
But sales force is a whole lot more than customer relationship management software.
Before AG Corp can lend money to a farmer and Corp needs to review a tremendous amount of market data about this year's farming trends, ruled markets and weather forecasts all to predict a successful farming outcome. Add corpse onside inspectors will take photographs of the farmers crops use Internet of things, aerial drone video footage,
all to make a decision on lending the farmer money
and then and corpse insurance Underwriters will access all of their inspector photographs and drone footage to determine how much to ensure the farmer against natural disasters, insects, pestilence and drought.
And this is where sales force cloud comes in instead of An Corp having to build out all of the computer power, all the software applications and all the databases to run sales force within their own data, Center and Corp can use the agility, speed and flexibility of the cloud and subscribe to Salesforce's software as a service or SAS
and now An Corp. Instead of building,
managing and maintaining their own salesforce environment a very costly endeavor, they can now focus instead on what they really care about servicing their farmers. And with the power of the cloud, they can access all of their sales force data from anywhere at any time from any device that is the power of the cloud.
So please allow me to take a second to share how I can help you as your cloud architecture foundations. Instructor.
I've been an enterprise network architect for more than 15 years. I've seen my network designs installed in some of the largest and most complex networks in the Pacific Northwest, including a regional nuclear power plant. I have over 30 I t certifications, and I hope several students get their first comp T I A Certification network plus and Security Plus last year.
I love woodworking. I build furniture and planners, and I'm at least in my own head the world's largest track. E I have three types of customers who networks I support today, organizations that are cloud always organizations that are cloud first or organizations that are cloud curious. I'm here to help you with your own cloud curiosity
by learning about the cloud together.
And most importantly, we're gonna have a lot of fun together doing it.
So what are our course objectives? Well, we're gonna learn about the cloud. We're gonna understand how cloud delivers business outcomes and why those business outcomes air such compelling drivers for organizations today. Things like efficiencies, scalability, ease of management. We're going to cover it all, and you as an I t professional,
we're gonna help you understand and gain some of the knowledge to understand how you as a security professional or is an 80 network admin or if you like
software development. Or if you like databases, whatever your I t strategy is and what you want to do in the I t. Profession, we're gonna help you align and figure out what your personal cloud strategy is by what we're going to cover in this course,
there are no prerequisites in this course. We're going to keep the technology high, but we're gonna cover a lot. We want you as a 90 professional to be able to pivot from this course and figure out where you want to go from here. Whether you want to secure the cloud whether you want to design an architect, the cloud whether you want to support and manage and
admin the cloud, is a network and cloud administrator.
We're going to give you a great head start.
Be amazingly talented. Cyber a Cloud Architecture Foundations teaching assistants have put together a tremendous a source mint of supplemental learning tools. Beyond these instructional videos, you will learn the engineers way of learning. You will learn by doing with hands on labs.
There are key learning tools like cyberia, white papers, data sheets and cyber chunks, which are the core concepts of each module of flash cards to maximize student learning
and a cyber a briefcase, which is a collection of hyperlinks on where you can learn more about the subjects we will cover in this course
in Module one Cloud overview. We're going to review who the players are. Who are the organization's competing for cloud market share and mind share in the market Today, we're going to review the different cloud platforms such a software as a service infrastructures of service computers. A service in platform is a service,
and we're going to review modelling such as Private Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid cloud and community cloud platforms
in module to clown characteristics. We're gonna learn about critical Cloud Service is such a Z elasticity pays you grow chargebacks and cloud bursting, and we're going to spend a lot of time learning a bunch of new cloud terminology
In Module three, we're gonna provide an overview of Amazon Web service Is Microsoft Azure and Google's Cloud platform. We're gonna look at their history, their core offerings, and if you're an I T professional, you better learn to love licensing and licensing subscriptions, and we're gonna review their go to market strategies. Their uniqueness like
education and K through 12
before we as I T professionals, move our organization's mission critical data to the cloud and take advantage of a service such as Amazon, Simple Storage Service or S3.
We need to understand a little bit about storage first. So we're going to review discs and read, write operations and input output per second or I ops, and we're going to review the different. Various storage architectures such as direct attached storage network, attached storage and storage area networks were sands
before we could talk about networking as a service in wireless a service and collect money as a service, we need to understand a little bit about our Land Technologies and Irwin Technologies and how we're going to get to the cloud and 802.11 Wireless technologies are network today, thanks to the Internet of things in, the cloud
no longer has boundaries and no longer has
Virtual ization is what makes the clown possible.
Module six is an important one. We're gonna learn about hyper visors and virtual CP use and memory and storage and all of the things that makes virtual ization and thus the cloud possible
module seven is going to be a fun one. We're going to take a deep dive into Amazon. Web service is we're going to review the entire Amazon product suite and we're gonna look at things like simple storage service as three. We're gonna look att platform and compute as a service, and we're gonna look att,
some incredible things that they're doing in databases and Data Analytics.
And we're gonna look at the management tools in the front end that we're gonna use to manage all of our Amazon product suite systems and service is
we're gonna have more fun and modulate by taking another deep dive. But this time into Microsoft Azure, we're gonna review as yours product suite. We're gonna look at their security and identity solutions and then we're gonna look at Microsoft is your and there's a clear cloud and how
that might help our organization's disaster recovery are continued operations and our business continuity and planning service is
module nine All about support and management of our cloud service is we're gonna look at cloud base lining, performance analysis, change testing and our cloud management tools.
Mastery of troubleshooting is a necessary skill. If we're going to be a successful I t practitioner Module 10 is all about the cloud troubleshooting tool chest. Those tools or cloud providers give us to test,
optimize and remediate. Any service is that we might be having with our cloud. Service is we want to get back up on operational and delivering business outcomes as soon as possible.
So you ready for cloud architecture foundations? Because if so,
then let's get cloudy. Our next module is cloud Overview will be evaluating the players and looking at the various clown path forms and cloud modeling types, and will be beginning our first steps where you two will be building your own IittIe tool chest so that you also can be a cloud professional.
So on behalf of the entire security and I t team at Cyberia, my name's Kevin. It's been a privilege to be your instructor today and wishing you and everyone on your network happy packets
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