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good afternoon. Welcome to the several recourse on how to build an information security lab.
I'm your host and instructing Kevin Miranda's
so a little bit about myself before it was started.
I'm a senior security professional with over six years of experience.
I started as an information security analyst and under move and experience different aspects of the fields such as forensics, vulnerability assessment, security awareness,
penetration, testing,
engineering, among others.
Every experience have teach me something specific, which I will incorporate in discourse as it is applicable.
I obtained a master's degree in information, security and assurance and currently maintains certifications. So says Jax for insects, Examiner
certified ethical hacky
in case certified forensic examiner. I saw this other come t. I asserts
I'm also a martial art Brexit shares. I practise martial, mixed martial arts and Brazilian. Did you see her? Gracie, You do so however you want to call it?
I did not compete,
but I do enjoy the workout that these provide to me as a person and the overall health benefits I obtained from them.
Now you probably just spend the last eight hours or so working for a big corporation. Maybe it made him sai small and you're wondering if I'm crazy, right?
Do you expect me to work from home for free?
Came benefits to my employer for free? Well,
that's not the only reason you might want to build in for SEC lap right? There's all the benefits as well. Maybe you're a nightie professional, such assistant administrator, developer, a sock analyst that is looking for a kiss. Real change on a roll, yet it's a cash twin Two situations, right? You cannot kiss
that position because you don't have the experience
yet. You cannot get the experience,
since you cannot get your foot through that door in that role. So this course will help your car. Some of that experience installing conferring these devices, which are variants off
many of those products, are offering industry some album, which are the same product,
and maybe getting that small experience difference that will make your interview going from a path to a potential candidate who knows you might be even hired.
That's courses also, for those information security students.
When you talk about information security, there's a lot off different feels different aspects. You want to focus by doing this course it will help you perform a basic understanding if engineering is something you want to pursue or if you want to be more of an analyst. Forensics PEN tester assess Burnham Early assessment, etcetera.
Perhaps you're ready in the field.
Put your in A very small enterprise, which has no test environment and has very limited resource. Is
you really want to try this thing you saw in YouTube and Cyber unit in for a SEC training. But you can't justifies
this type of changes in this high risk, and you haven't proven to your manager. You have tested it. You know this test will make your life easier at work, but there's no way to prove it. By building this info SEC lab, you will build a stronger case of management, and those might facilitate
and ease the process on getting this type of famine. Plantations change at work.
Now, perhaps you want enterprise level security at home without the enterprise cost right? I know there's after malicious that. A lot of software also that can be militias you cannot rely on. Lee won
single point of failure being your free antivirus included in Windows 10 or Window seven or that brought one product. You pay $100 a year for licensing, right? You have to have different layers of different types of security under home. You need to have a Web security unit to have all these different,
you know, protections that if you put in your host, such as host ideas, antivirus Web filtering, it will clog up your system. Why not build an environment similar to does
created in enterprises, astonishing enterprises that protect your systems while also not hindering the perform oral performance off your system. Now the last thing is, maybe you just love knowledge.
Hey, you're in information security. You should not leave your role when you exit through the door at 5 p.m. Six Pierre, whenever your exit their office right. You should always be learning, always
experiencing new things. Who knows? You might be in there up, ending up in a new career, maybe a promotion,
this type of things, this type of knowledge help you regardless of what you do. And this is the perfect course for you. If you're looking to learn something now, what will you learn into slept? You will learn howto build, configure and run different test in your information security lap. This involves software,
hard work and networking configurations that will be essential
to having a successful environment
introduction to the lab.
first of all, what consistent information security lab
You were leered that it x expected out of information security lap, which is an environment that you create in order to practice and test your cyber security skills without risking your production environment.
So what differentiates discourse or disallowed documentation? Verses xer wider in the Web already? Well, the main difference is that most of those coasters out there are four Web related penetration. Testing with security oafs.
Ah, penetration testing medicine ploy doble. Let's hear aright
and all those guides me both throughout this aspect, when it comes to information security, engineering, there's little to no documentation out there that puts everything together into one source, even know we will look into some of these expects like vulnerability, assessment, penetration, test and
and all of those different aspects.
At the end of the day, this is not geared towards that type of flap.
This is more about having
a validity assessment. Also having a firewall A s i e m.
Mel proxy practice, active directory skills, having a Deanna's having all those different aspects, one way or another, incorporated into your lap. So why should we build a lab? We already discussed O's in the previous point. How Russia refresher this curve, your changes.
You want to test new environments, new processes or you want to learn new skills.
How long will this course takes? This course ends to at least 25 hours worth of concert, and third for you received 25 c p ease for this course. If you're looking into cash three year changing, I also recommend you take the certification option at this might help increase the chances of you being hired.
Now, obviously, there's different trainings and different certifications you acquire. And savory offers a lot of some of those aspects, right? We're not a entity such as comedy I. But if your information security potential manager right is aware of our programs are offerings, it will greatly help you know that you went from some
through some type of official training
to help you gain that knowledge.
So in summary, what we discuss is what is an information security lap The benefits of the laugh
who the target audience is and your expectations asked somebody that's taking this course
In our next lesson, we'll start learning how to field and information security lab.
We'll start planning the lap, the type of flap You will be a performing and which type of applications you were looking for.
Hope to see you soon. Have a great day.
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