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Cryptography, or “secret writing” has allowed private communication for thousands of years. Our online lifestyle requires governments, the military, corporations, and consumers to properly protect their information from prying eyes. It’s essential to explore how companies use secrecy to their advantage and how penetration testers as well as ethical hackers can use that secrecy to their advantage as well. The Cryptography Skill Certification course focuses on encryption and decryption functionality, the strengths and weaknesses of various algorithms, digital signatures, public-key cryptography, and industry best practices. In this course, we’ll introduce and explain the basic principles behind the science and practice of Cryptography both from an academic perspective as well as the practitioners’ perspective from the field. To help you fully understand and grasp the concepts of Cryptography, there’s an intimate focus placed on the concepts, tools and techniques involved, with particular notice given to confidentiality, integrity and authentication.
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Recommended Experience (one or more of the following): .5 - 2 years Completion of the CompTIA Security+ and Cryptography courses or Equivalent education

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