VPC Fundamentals


The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Fundamentals training course briefly covers the background of Amazon VPC and provides students with lab experience. Upon completion of the course, students will have the knowledge they need to set up their own VPC.

14 minutes
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Course Content
Module 2: Setting up VPC
Module 3: Conclusion
Course Description

This short VPC training course will cover a brief background of Amazon VPC’s and students will gain hands-on experience setting up their own VPC.


Learners will need an Amazon AWS account to follow along with the hands-on parts of this course. This course assumes a basic knowledge of the AWS dashboard and basic navigation skills in AWS. Students should also be familiar with basic AWS terminology as found in this course: AWS Terminology Fundamentals

Note: There may be a cost associated with following along with the hands-on component of this course.

Study Resources

Lab Step By Step Guide

Labs Used

This course will use the AWS dashboard.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss what VPC is
  • Set up a VPC and subnets

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network that is dedicated in your AWS account. It is isolated logically from other virtual networks in the AWS Cloud. You can specify IP address ranges for the VPC, subnets, security groups, and configure route tables. In addition to security groups, you can use network access control lists to help protect your AWS resources in each subnet. VPC allows you to assign static IPv4 addresses and associate an IPv6 CIDR block to your VPC. You also have the ability to control if each subnet is public or private.

What is Amazon VPC?

A virtual private cloud is a network that is specific to the user within the AWS where you can hold all of your AWS services. It’s a data center within AWS that has gateways, network access control lists (ACL), route tables, security groups and subnets.

Amazon VPC is one of the most used, and most popular, services in the AWS suite. That’s because it’s a service that involves security concepts associated with the cloud and access to data inside a third-party data center, like those of Amazon.

Amazon VPC was released in the fall of 2009, as Amazon was aware that VPC would be a useful addition to its platform, offering better security and isolation for customers. The Amazon VPC allows users to launch resources within the AWS cloud into a virtual network that is defined by the users. It is similar to a traditional network that would be run in an individual data center, but also has the benefits of using the scalable AWS infrastructure.

What is Involved in the VPC Training Course?

In this virtual private cloud course, students will have the opportunity to learn about the background of Amazon VPC. Following that introduction, students will be able to participate in hands-on learning by setting up their own VPC. The VPC is a virtual network that holds all your Amazon services. It’s isolated from other virtual networks within the AWS cloud.

Once completed with the course, students should feel comfortable discussing what VPC is and how to set up a VPC and subnets.

Students who enroll in this course need to have an Amazon AWS account to be able to keep up with the hands-on lab parts of the class. Students should also have a basic knowledge of navigation skills in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and familiarity with the AWS dashboard. It is also helpful for students to know basic terminology associated with AWS.

This brief training is 14 minutes long and students will receive a Certificate of Completion when they finish the course.

Who Should Take this VPC Fundamentals Course?

This virtual private cloud course is ideal for IT professionals who:

  • Plan to build virtual networks in the Amazon cloud
  • Plan to build hybrid networks by connecting an organization’s infrastructure to the Amazon cloud
  • Plan to migrate an organization’s infrastructure to the Amazon cloud
  • Plan to change careers, moving into AWS certifications and the Amazon cloud
  • Are working in software development, network administration, architecture, or IT management

Is VPC Fundamentals Training Worth It?

Yes, learning the Amazon VPC basics is a great step toward learning about Amazon Web Services as a whole. AWS offers various certifications that demonstrate the knowledge and skills in cloud computing of professionals, and it’s validated by one of the best-known organizations in the industry – Amazon.

IT professionals are in demand, in general, and AWS certified professionals are not excluded. The AWS platform currently has over one-million users and has become the go-to provider for public cloud adoption. As Amazon continues to grow, knowledge of AWS and all its services will continue to grow in importance for all IT professionals.

Why Take the VPC Training?

In addition to the fact that AWS certifications are in demand, and the VPC Fundamentals training is a necessary step, there are various other reasons that students should learn about Amazon VPC. Some of those reasons include:

  • Cloud Computing is the Future – Organizations are investing significantly in cloud computing solutions. It’s an area of technology that will only continue to grow. There hasn’t been a better time for IT professionals to become knowledgeable about cloud computing and to secure their futures.
  • Positive Skill on Resume – Hiring managers are more likely to hire IT professionals who have a wide range of training and certifications than those candidates who don’t. The first impression interviewers or hiring managers get of a candidate is via his or her resume.
  • Better Job Opportunities – IT professionals with AWS and VPC knowledge have better opportunities in the workforce than their counterparts who don’t. Amazon’s cloud computing services are being utilized by more and more organizations, which means that there is more opportunity for employees who have that skillset.
  • Higher Salaries – Learning VPC basics is a stepping-stone toward earning AWS certifications which garner higher salaries for employees, as they are in demand.

If you are interested in learning the basics of Amazon VPC and how to set up your own virtual private cloud and subsets, this VPC training is a must. Signing up for this training is simple, just click the Register button at the top right of this screen to get started.

Instructed By
Ken Underhill
Ken Underhill
Senior Instructor
Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a VPC Fundamentals Certificate of Completion