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In this pfSense Firewall training course, students will learn how a firewall functions on a network or host. The course provides details about the different types of firewalls, as well as providing a hands-on lab experience configuring separate zones.

What is pfSense Firewall?

PfSense is a is a free commercial firewall solution that users are able to customize based on their organization’s needs to create a solution that is tailored to those needs. PfSense can repurpose an old computer into a fully featured router and firewall.

The pfSense firewall is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that can be adapted to various applications that range from a router for small businesses or offices to a large corporate network firewall. Installation is fairly easy to install and has a web-based user interface. The free solution offers many advanced features that are typically only found in expensive commercial alternatives.

What is Involved in this pfSense Training?

In this pfSense training, students will learn about the tool, all of the major features it offers, how to install, implement, and configure it, and the tasks it allows users to perform. Here are some of the key topics that will be covered in the training:

  • Fundamental aspects of pfSense
  • The key features and benefits of pfSense
  • How to install and configure pfSense as a firewall and how to create and maintain firewall rules
  • Learning to configure and test pfSense for load balancing and failover across numerous WAN connections
  • Learning to configure pfSense as a remote connectivity solution utilizing OpenVPN and IPSec
  • How to configure and integrate pfSense as a Squid proxy server

This pfSense training course is a beginner-level class that is perfect for students looking to be introduced to aspects of a firewall, as well as those who need a refresher on the skills.

The total clock time for Installing and Configuring the Firewall course is one hour and 18 minutes, and students will earn 2 CEU/CPE. Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take pfSense Training?

Cybrary’s Installing and Configuring the Firewall training course is ideal for:

  • Security Administrators
  • IT Administrators
  • Network Architects
  • Corporate Executives
  • Anyone running a commercial network – small or large – who is interested in deploying and maintaining an enterprise-grade firewall

Why Use pfSense Firewall?

The pfSense firewall solution offers users many features and benefits. It’s a robust and feature-rich tool that provides a bunch of features besides just the firewall solution. The additional features include tools for network routing, remote connectivity, diagnostics, and reporting, along with many other out-of-the-box features. There are even more available add-ons and plugins that have been created by members of the pfSense community.

PfSense is free and open source, which many agree is its greatest benefit. It can be downloaded and installed easily, or for larger implementations, users have the option to buy license support for the solution.

Some of the other reasons that organizations should use pfSense firewall solutions are:

  • Flexibility and versatility – pfSense can be run on an old PC with limited resources just as effectively as it can on large multicore servers.
  • Scalability – Resources can be expanded easily on the pfSense infrastructure when networks require it.
  • Positive track record – Many large corporations have adopted the pfSense firewall solution and consider to be a key part in their network protection. Organizations like Shopify, Google, the Department of Homeland Security, and NASA have put their trust in the free, open source firewall solution.

To obtain more information about pfSense firewall and other features, including how to use and manage it effectively, enroll in our Installing and Configuring the Firewall course. The course is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the protection of networks using a firewall.

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