Performing a Microsoft Windows 10 Installation


This course will teach you how to install the Windows 10 operating system on a computer.

1 hour 15 minutes
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Course Description

For close to three decades, Microsoft Windows is installed on most of the personal computers in the world. While it is not uncommon to find older versions still running in homes and business today, the current operating system version, Windows 10, is installed on half of all systems. This course will prepare you to respond to reinstallation and upgrade demands for Windows 10. This course will benefit individuals who have little Windows administration experience. It is perfect for the person who is starting an IT career or needs a primer on how to properly install Windows 10.

In this installing Microsoft Windows course, students will learn the ins and outs of installing Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on a computer. The course will cover various installation scenarios, which will be useful in troubleshooting installation issues.

What is Involved in this Installing Microsoft Windows Course?

In this course, students will learn how to install Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on a computer. To ensure that students understand the installation process, the most common possible scenarios will be explored. This will allow students to practice diagnosing and troubleshooting issues that come up when Windows 10 is installed. Additionally, students will learn specific methods use to preserve user files on a computer during the installation process, as well as the activation of key security features.

This Microsoft Windows Installation training course prepares students to handle reinstallation and upgrade demands for the Windows 10 operating system. The total clock hours for this class is one hour and 15 minutes and students will earn 2 CEU/CPE. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take the MS Windows Installation Training?

The ideal student group for this course is IT professionals who are responsible for administering and supporting the Windows 10 operating system on desktop computers and other devices. However, it’s a training course that is useful for anyone, at home and in business, who wants to learn to install Windows 10 on a computer. This is a beginner level course, so there are no prerequisites or work experience required.

Why Take This Microsoft Windows Installation Course?

For nearly three decades, Microsoft Windows has been installed on most personal computers worldwide. Even though there are still many older versions of the Windows operating system running on computers at businesses and in homes today, the latest version, Windows 10, is used on about half of all systems. Being familiar with Windows 10 installation (as well as other Windows 10 topics and tasks) is something that everyone should know. This is especially true for anyone who wants to get started in the IT industry – it’s absolutely essential.

Getting started in the IT industry right now is a smart move. There are more open positions in this industry than there are candidates to fill them. That means that the demand for IT professionals is huge and getting bigger every day. Whether it’s a total career change, something that has been a hobby, or just a course correction for a current career path, candidates who get into the IT industry can be nearly certain that they will find a job. That can’t be said about many other industries.

As with any field, it’s essential to have a solid foundation of the fundamentals of the industry. In the IT industry, this can easily be accomplished with the help of online training and obtaining specific certifications. This Microsoft Windows course can get students started with both training and certifications.

Microsoft offers over 65 certifications based on their product. Understanding the installation process and being able to troubleshoot issues is the first step toward attaining the knowledge needed to get started with earning certifications. Having certifications will increase a candidate’s earning potential and advancement opportunities. Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to the role of an IT professional and the specific knowledge of the certification material.

There hasn’t been a more opportune time to start a career in IT. It’s an industry that is perfect for anyone who is interested in technology and who values rewarding work. Taking the right steps and obtaining the right training and certifications will help you get started on the IT career path.

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