Intro to Infosec


Cybrary's introduction to information security is intended for everyone interested in a career in cybersecurity. Learn the basics, then launch your new career by continuing with our CompTIA A+, Network+, or Security+ Courses.

47 minutes
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Course Description

Welcome to Cybrary's introduction to information security (Infosec). This course is intended for all levels and no prior experience needed. You will learn the basics to protecting yourself and your own information. After this course you will be prepared to launch your new career!

The industry offers tons of information about what type of career to pursue. We, at Cybrary, recommend the following information as guidance where to start.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you understand how a single computer works, know the different parts and their functions and how they interact with the operating system? If not, start with the CompTIA A+

If you do know how a single computer works, do you know how they talk to each other? If not, start with CompTIA Network+

If you know a lot about computers and networking functionality, your next step should be CompTIA Security+

Those three will form a foundation that all the other courses will build off of.

For those who want to start immediately into Pentesting and Ethical Hacking but do not have any prior security knowledge, we recommend learning a strong foundation from the courses mentioned above.