How to Use Crackle (BSWJ)


Crackle is a tool for breaking into ostensibly secure bluetooth communications, allowing the security professional to access the keys used to initiate and manage encryption, thereby rendering the hidden content into plain text. It's an indispensable utility for security professionals attacking a network with bluetooth present.

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Module 1: BSWJ: Crackle
Course Description

Wireless communication technologies could not exist without the use of Bluetooth as the preferred short-range wireless protocol system. Having admitted to Bluetooth’s popularity and open accessibility, the system is a little too open – with security issues that preclude secure connections, if we are being frank with you. Yes, Bluetooths can be listened to easily by and through unauthorized parties, making Bluetooth technology in general a target for hacking and security attacks and issues. This is what makes this Crackle tutorial so important!

Bluetooth technology is found literally everywhere anyone could snap a finger. It is seen in:

  • Headsets
  • iPhones
  • Mouse for keyboards
  • Portable speakers
  • Car speaker devices

The bad news is that any sensitive or confidential conversation occurring over a Bluetooth device will always be open season, for a security breach by an unwanted or unauthorized person who is definitely interested in what is being said. Why is this important to know? Because if an organization is aware of how super easy user technology such as Bluetooth can be exploited by the wrong parties, then the organization is in the best position to do something about it to prevent losses and hacking into its private organizational data.

That being said, there are times that your security team needs to break into secure Bluetooth communication systems to manage encryption to reveal disguised content to bring to light through uncovering the plain text of the message. Said more plainly, your IT will more than likely have success using Crackle to reverse the process of a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device using Link Layer Encryption alongside legacy pairing.

Why use Crackle for Hacking Bluetooth?

Your IT department will definitely appreciate having the Crackle tools onboard to gain access to acquire and capture data passed through a SmartPhone or PC. Here’s what you are going to get – you’re going to like this. Crackle can “crack” the LE Legacy Pairing Key exchange in real time.

The reason you might use Crackle is that Crackle is an assist tool to help identify devices utilizing LE secure connections or BLE of the parties to a Bluetooth connection. In this way, you will be able to manage the process of ideation at your organization by using Crackle when you know it is going to be necessary to take out a brute force tool to listen in on clear and present, as well as future connections of interest between two Bluetooth devices. Crackle is ready for the task and will assist the management of these communications whenever called upon to do so at your organization.

Teaching Assistant Vikramajeet Khatri

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Joe Perry
Joe Perry
Senior Technical Instructor at FireEye, Inc
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