CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)


In this CCDA training you will learn the knowledge and skills involved in attaining your Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certification.

11 hours
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Course Content
Module 10: Routing Protocol Characteristics, RIP, EIGRP, and IS-IS
Module 11: OSPF, BGP, Route Manipulation, and IP Multicast
Course Description

Wireless networks are designed and implemented for a wide array of functions: Internet access, data centers, organizational security, enterprise campus networks, and more. Knowing how to design, install, expand, and maintain wireless networks is a crucial IT skill covered by the Cisco Certified Design Associate program. Cybrary provides convenient online courses and educational resources for attaining your CCDA certification.

About this CCDA Course

The CCDA certification course is a comprehensive guide towards designing and creating networks based on Cisco technology. As Cisco tech is a standard for networking, CCDA certification is required for many higher-level roles in information technology. To begin, this course outlines the objectives and methods used when designing a network. You will also learn protocols for addressing and routing nodes within the network. Finally, you will learn what to consider when expanding a network for a wide range of purposes. By the end of the course, you should know your way around setting up, maintaining, and expanding an enterprise network on a professional level.

Why learn skills for CCDA?

As the landscape for information technology grows, more and more organizations are demanding an up-to-date enterprise network. CCDA certification training will prepare you to design, implement, and update these enterprise networks. Organizations that already have enterprise-level networks will still seek out CCDA certified candidates for updates and expansions. Organizations that are not seeking new networks or expansions will still seek out CCDA certified candidates. They need professionals to monitor and repair the enterprise networks that they have set up, and many CCDA certified professionals are employed as network administrators and network engineers. There is a growing number of opportunities for a potential candidate to apply their CCDA certification training. CCDA certification is a very marketable skill for positions in information technology.

How difficult is it to learn the material in this CCDA course?

CCDA training can be difficult, but Cybrary provides a wealth of resources for studying for and passing the CCDA certification exam. The most difficult part for many is learning, in detail, the routing protocols necessary for setting up a network. It’s important that you study thoroughly for the exam, as the CCDA certification cost of taking the exam can be around $250. This is just the cost of the exam and not any courses or materials you may acquire to become prepared. However, the opportunities granted from CCDA certification can quickly recuperate any costs you put into attaining certification. If you are diligent and thorough in your study of the material, you should be able to pass and attain your certification without much difficulty.

What are the pre-requisites? Can anyone learn CCDA?

There are some pre-requisites one must acquire before taking the CCDA certification exam. You have a choice from several pre-requisites, depending on where you are in your networking career. Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, or CCENT certification, will qualify you for the CCDA course and exam. Cisco Certified Network Administrator Routing and Switching, or CCNA Routing and Switching certification, is another possible path towards qualifying for the CCDA course. Finally, certification as a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert, or CCIE, will qualify you for taking and completing the CCDA certification exam. CCDA certification is a relatively advanced skill, so these certifications will ensure that you are prepared for the course.

How is Cisco Certified Design Associate as a career?

There are a variety of careers that you can apply your CCDA certification towards. A few of the most applicable positions would be network administrator, network engineer, and network architect. Network administrators make a yearly salary of around $66,000. Network engineers, on average, make a bit more at $79,000 per year. Lastly, network architects, likely the most technical of the three roles, make an average salary of $103,177 per year. Of course, CCDA certification can be applied to more roles outside these three careers, but these are the most obvious and immediate applications of these skills. The day-by-day of these professions involve setting up new networks, monitoring and repairing existing networks, and carrying out network expansions on systems with a growing number of clients.

Can I find work with CCDA certification?

Yes. Even now, there are several positions available calling for CCDA certification. A simple search on job-hunting sites will reveal a number of positions that require CCDA certification. Account manager, network engineer, senior network specialist, and senior network architect are just a few positions that are currently available. Of course CCDA certification isn’t everything, these positions also call for pre-requisite certifications and sometimes previous professional experience. If you don’t already have experience in the field, you can find some experience by applying the pre-requisite certifications or by finding an entry-level position.

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Wayne Xing
Wayne Xing
Network Solutions Architect
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