How to Use CaseFile (BSWR)


In this course we will cover the tool CaseFile. CaseFile builds graphs with offline data that come from investigations. It is a visual intelligence application that determines the relationships and real-world links between hundreds of different types of information.

5 minutes
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Course Content
Module 1: CaseFile (BSWR)
Course Description

It can also be used to plot relationships between pieces of information and any hidden connections can be seen. In short, this tool can also be referred to as an offline intelligence tool and can also be used as a graph viewer for graphs that are built-in Maltego.

CaseFile is Java-based and can run in multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. It can import data from CSV, XLS and XLSX formats as well as export graphs to these formats.

Teaching Assistant Vikramajeet Khatri and Tahir Ibrahim

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Director of Security Services at Corsica
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