How to Use BeEF (BSWJ)


In this installment of Breaking Stuff with Joe (BSWJ), cybersecurity expert Joe Perry helps you master your pentesting skills by showing you how to use BeEF, the Browser Exploitation Framework. Joe walks you through this BeEF tutorial to attack web browsers, which can then enable you to target web-based applications.

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Course Content
Module 1: BSWJ: BeEF
Course Description

Using the Browser Exploitation Framework

The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) is a powerful penetration testing tool that provides users with the opportunity to assess the real security position of an environment by utilizing client-side attack vectors. In other words, BeEF is a framework for launching attacks to discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities in browsers. Specifically, BeEF is an ideal tool for testing browsers’ vulnerabilities related to cross-site scripting as well as other injection attacks. This tool is widely used by professionals in offensive security roles to target web-based applications. You'll learn everything you need to know to effectively use this tool in our BeEF Tutorial.

Unlike many other security-related frameworks, BeEF bypasses highly protected network perimeters and user systems, instead looking to exploit vulnerabilities within the context of the web browser. BeEf is able to hook web browsers (individually or as a combination) and then use them as footholds to launch directed command modules. Each of the browsers will potentially be within different security contexts, and each of those contexts will likely have a set of distinct attack vectors. The BeEF framework allows the pentester to choose specific modules to target each web browser and thus, each context.

Why Use the Browser Exploitation Framework?

These days, as technology advances at lightning speed, and so do cyberattacks, it’s crucial that organizations understand information security and educate their employees on the risks associated with using web browsers. Employees need to be aware of all acceptable use policies and Internet security processes. One way that organizations can ensure that their employees are making sound and safe security decisions is by using the Browser Exploitation Framework.

BeEF provides the following benefits to the organizations that use it:

  • It is a free, downloadable penetration testing tool.
  • It allows penetration testers to use client-side attack vectors to ensure the security position of the organization’s web browsing environment.
  • It connects with one or more browsers and allow users to launch directed command modules.

BeEF is an extraordinary and powerful tool for exploiting web browsers and the above is only a glimpse of what the framework can do. The BeEF framework truly has endless possibilities. It’s a tool that every organization that allows Internet access should have and use.

For more information about the browser exploitation framework tool, and to learn to use it, check out this BeEF tutorial. The class is free, and it provides you with foundation information and the steps you need to take to launch your own white hat attacks on browsers.

Teaching Assistants

  • George Mcpherson
  • Vikramajeet Khatri

(Disclaimer: Breaking Stuff with Joe is a Cybrary series that will be running indefinitely. You will not earn CEU/CPE hours by watching any individual 'Breaking Stuff with Joe' episode. However, you can still earn a certificate of completion for each episode completed.)

Instructed By
Joe Perry
Joe Perry
Senior Technical Instructor at FireEye, Inc
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