Create and Test a Cognitive Services Text Analytics Service

The Microsoft Azure platform provides a set of cognitive services, such as tools for text mining and analytics. Azure provides an API for performing several types of text analyses, such as determining the language of origin and sentiment. This IT Pro Challenge virtual lab will teach how to use the Azure cognitive services API to understand text dat...

1 hour
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Azure is a public cloud computing platform. Azure can be used for many purposes, such as analytics, virtual computing, and networking. In particular, Azure provides a powerful set of cognitive services, including a cognitive services text analytics tool. This tool on the Azure form can be used to analyze several aspects of text data, such as the language of origin or whether the text is positive or negative. Because Azure provides so many options for data analysis, it is prudent for modern IT workers to be comfortable working with Azure.

In particular, Azure provides a powerful API for sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is using natural language processing (NLP) to determine the tone of text data, or whether a statement is positive or negative. Sentiment analysis is important to modern businesses because it helps them automate analysis of product reviews and company feedback. A business can rapidly determine if a product is being received favorably by its customers, among many other uses.

This hands-on lab will introduce you to what the Azure text analytics tool is. You will gain valuable experience in creating a text analytics service and using this tool to analyze text data.

Understand the scenario: You are an AI consultant for a data analytics vendor. You need to detect the sentiment and language of text statements using Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics API.

Understand the environment: You are using a pre-configured Azure resource group.

Create a Text Analytics service:

For the first step in this virtual lab, you will create your Text Analytics service using the Azure portal. You will:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal.
  • Use the Azure portal to create a Text Analytics service.
  • Save the Text Analytics service API key and service region.

Test the Sentiment Analysis feature:

For the next step of this lab, you will test the Azure Cognitive Services Sentiment Analysis feature. This feature will decide whether a statement is positive/favorable or negative/critical. You will:

  • Open the API reference portal.
  • Enter two different sentences.
  • Analyze the sentences using the API reference portal.
  • Check your sentiment scores.

Test the Language Detection feature:

You will test the Azure Cognitive Services Language Detection feature for the final step of this hands-on lab. You will:

  • Enter two words.
  • Verify the API Reference portal correctly identifies the words’ languages.


The Azure cloud is quickly becoming the top choice for businesses to host and analyze data. In addition to hosting data and virtual machines, Azure offers several analytical tools, including machine learning and AI applications. One tool offered by Azure is text analytics services, such as sentiment analysis and language determination. Completing this virtual challenge will give your real-world experience creating and using Azure Cognitive Services Language Analytics, giving you valuable skills you can apply in your IT career.

In the “Create and Test a Cognitive Services Text Analytics Service” virtual lab, you will accomplish the following:

  • Create a Text Analytics service.
  • Access the Text Analytics API.
  • Test the Sentiment Analysis feature.
  • Test the Language Analysis feature.

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