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The ITIL Foundation practice exam helps prepare for the ITIL Foundations certification from AXELOS. The practice exam focuses on IT service management and the ITIL framework.

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Anyone who is planning to take the ITIL Foundations certification should practice their skills with the ITIL practice exam. With the practice exam, students can properly assess their ITIL knowledge and readiness to successfully pass the certification exam.

Who Should Take the ITIL Foundation Exam?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of volumes that detail the ITIL framework and best practices for IT service delivery. It’s an essential resource for IT professionals. That means that there are many different IT job roles that will use it and should therefore be familiar with what it is and how it works. The ITIL service lifecycle has five phases. Each one has supporting policies, principles, processes. The phases are:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continuous Service Improvement

Each of the phases is broken down further into processes including service continuity management, service catalog management, service level management, supplier management, configuration management, change management, and more.

Specifically, those IT professionals who want to earn the ITIL Foundation certification are people who are interested in improving IT quality, reducing or controlling IT costs, and balancing IT resources effectively. However, this is a certification that will benefit IT managers and team members in nearly all roles.

Can I Take the ITIL Exam without Training?

Every certification requires that candidates have specific, specialized knowledge of the subject matter, including the ITIL certification. As such, it’s always recommended that those who are going to take certification exams have the proper training prior to the test. For the best chance of passing the ITIL certification exam, students should take a training course, study the material thoroughly, and take practice tests to assess their skills, before sitting for the actual test.

How Long Does It Take to Study for the ITIL Foundation Exam?

How long it takes to prepare for the ITIL Foundation certification exam is dependent upon each individual. For some individuals, it may simply be a matter of taking an ITIL Foundation training course and practice tests to be prepared for the certification exam. For others, it may be necessary to take a course, study the material, and take the practice test more than once to ensure that they know the material. There are several factors that affect how long it might take, including the individual’s previous IT experience, available time for studying, and learning style.

Cybrary takes these factors into account and provides a very flexible way for students to learn. The ITIL Foundation training course is online and self-paced, making it convenient for students who have a lot of time to dedicate to studying, as well as those who need to study in smaller increments because of a more demanding schedule.

Whether students complete the ITIL course and practice exam all in one day, or they spread it out over a longer time, the knowledge and skills they learn will help prepare them for successfully passing the official ITIL Foundation certification exam. The credential earned is well worth the time that is spent learning and studying the material, and will benefit students with both their job and career advancement opportunities.

How Hard is the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam?

The ITIL Foundation certification exam covers a lot of information that validates students’ knowledge of the basics of ITIL. The topics that students are tested on for certification are also covered in the ITIL Foundation practice exam, and they include:

  • Management and processes in context
  • Integration and scope management
  • Time and cost management
  • Human resource and communication management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement management
  • Quality management
  • Stakeholder management

The ITIL Foundation exam questions are multiple-choice and students are allowed one hour to complete the test. It’s hard to say how difficult the exam will be for specific students because every student is unique. For students who are well-prepared, who have received the proper training, and have studied the material thoroughly, the exam shouldn’t be too intimidating. Like any other exam, how hard it is depends on how knowledgeable the exam-taker is about the covered material.

How Is It Best to Prepare for the ITIL Foundation Exam?

Getting prepared for the ITIL Foundation certification exam requires that students have the required knowledge and skills that are included on the test. For the best chances of passing the exam on the first try, students should take Cybrary’s ITIL Foundations training course. The course only takes 3 hours, 49 minutes and it is self-paced and online, making it convenient for students who work or go to school. After completing the course, students can assess their ITIL knowledge and exam readiness with this practice exam.