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This CompTIA Server+ practice exam helps you prepare for the CompTIA Server+ certification exam. Practice exam covers knowledge and skills in maintaining and operating server hardware and software technologies.

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What is the CompTIA Server+ Practice Test?

This CompTIA Server+ practice test is a tool for learners to use to help ensure that they are fully prepared to take the official certification exam and pass, earning a globally recognized CompTIA credential.

The topics covered on the CompTIA Server+ practice test, SK0-004, validate skills and knowledge in operating and maintaining software and hardware technologies. Because CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral, several major server platforms are covered. The practice test will help learners prepare for the certification exam, providing them with an accurate look at their skill set and if there are any areas where more study is necessary.

Like the official CompTIA Server+ certification exam, our practice test covers the following topics:

  • Server Architecture – Thorough understanding of server functions, components, form factors, and installation
  • Server Administration – Managing servers, including operating system installation, access controls, roles, and virtualization
  • Networking – Configuration of servers with proper ports, protocols, and IP addresses
  • Security – Thorough understanding of server hardening, protocols, security schemes, and controls
  • Storage – Installation and deployment of storage devices and RAID, including future growth planning
  • Disaster Recovery – Implementing backup strategies and disaster recovery concept
  • Troubleshooting – Effectively identifying and resolving software, hardware, security, and network problems with the appropriate tools

On the certification exam, test-takers must answer up to 100 multiple-choice questions and earn a passing score of 750 (on a scale of 100-900) in an hour and a half. Cybrary’s CompTIA Server+ practice test will help students manage their time effectively when they take their real exam.

Who Should Get the CompTIA Server Plus Certification?

The CompTIA Server+ certification may not be one of the most popular credentials that CompTIA offers; however, all certifications, especially those from CompTIA, are valuable because they are recognized worldwide, and they validate many important skills. Learners who are within their first few years of their IT or cybersecurity career and who work in roles that directly support network-based technologies would benefit from earning the CompTIA Server+ certification.

Server Plus is a certification that any current or aspiring cybersecurity or IT professional who works within a server-based local area network environment should have. Additionally, any technician that supports similar equipment for an organization would benefit from earning the Server+ credential.

How to Best Learn CompTIA Server+

At Cybrary, our goal is to help cybersecurity and IT students enhance and advance their careers as they desire. One way that we accomplish that is by ensuring our learners are thoroughly prepared to take and pass the certification exams that will be useful for their roles. We provide comprehensive learning experiences in all our courses, including the CompTIA Server+ training course. All courses are instructed by cybersecurity industry experts, and we offer innovative tools like our virtual lab and practice tests. Passing the SK0-004 Server+ practice test demonstrates that students have mastered the concepts, skills, and knowledge that are required to earn their CompTIA credential.

We understand that learning cybersecurity is more than just reading about the subject. Professionals in IT and cybersecurity must get hands-on practice in virtual environments so they are prepared to work in their field. With Cybrary’s courses, virtual labs, and practice tests, our learners can study, practice, and become proficient at their own pace and on their own schedule. It’s convenient and simple, and it helps learners develop the skills they need to enhance or advance their careers.