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This CompTIA Linux+ practice exam helps to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exams. Practice exam will cover tasks with the Linux command line, workstations, and networking.

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CompTIA Linux+ certification offers IT professionals a way to feel comfortable operating and maintaining Linux systems. Prepare for the certification exam by taking Cybrary’s online practice test.

CompTIA Linux+ certification offers IT professionals a job-focused Linux certification that covers common tasks in major distributions of Linux, such as the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installing and configuring workstations, and networking. Linux+ is popular for its diversity and flexibility.

For students and IT professionals who are working toward earning a CompTIA Linux+ certification, taking a Linux+ practice exam can help prepare them for the certification test or help them decide if they need to enhance their skills further first.

What Is CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

CompTIA Linux+ is a low-cost, open-source platform that is favored by IT professionals because it’s flexible and can easily be used in virtualization and has cloud-based applications. Linux+ certification is vendor-neutral and helps professionals gain security and networking concepts.

IT professionals who earn Linux+ Certification will feel comfortable operating and maintaining Linux systems. Employers favor CompTIA Linux+ Certification because it shows candidates have critical knowledge of installation, operation, and administration, as well as troubleshooting devices.

Is CompTIA Linux+ Certification Worth It?

For students pursuing careers as a system administrator, junior network administrator, database administrator, or web administrator, earning the Linux+ certification can provide several new opportunities for growing an IT or Cyber Security career. Businesses want IT professionals who can help their organizations transition to an open-source platform.

Linux+ certification isn’t always required to land a job in IT, but having the certification can help position a candidate above the rest. Having Linux+ certification can especially help IT professionals in the early part of their career proof they have Linux+ experience, without having the added benefit of working years experience.

How Do You Pass the Linux+ Exam?

To pass the Linux+ Exam, students can take Cybrary’s CompTIA Linux+ practice exam to gauge if they’re ready to take the certification exam. Cybrary offers the CompTIA Linux+ practice exam online, and it takes one hour and 15 minutes to complete.

The practice exam will cover tasks with the Linux command line, workstations, and networking, which will help prepare you for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exams.

After taking the practice exam, if students feel they need further guidance and skills to pass the certification test, students can enroll in Cybrary’s CompTIA Linux+ course. The Linux+ course takes eight hours and 30 minutes for a student to complete.

The course will give students the knowledge and skills to earn Linux+ certification. The modules are divided into smaller, digestible on-demand, online content, spanning a curriculum that covers Linux maintenance tasks, user assistance, and installation and configuration. Each module ranges from about 10 to 35 minutes, allowing students to take the content at their own pace, at a time that’s convenient for them.

How Hard Is The CompTIA Linux+ Exam?

CompTIA Linux+ is considered relatively easy to learn. Still, if students do not start by learning the syntax of the language, perfecting the basic commands, and employing the different uses of Linux, then it can become frustrating. Taking Cybrary’s online CompTIA Linux+ course can help provide that strong base of understanding the syntax of the language.

CompTIA recommends students have at least six months of practical experience with Linux systems and CompTIA A+ or Network+ certifications before taking the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam. However, this is a recommendation, not a requirement. But it will be hard to pass the Linux+ exam without any practice using a Linux system.

If a student doesn’t have this experience, taking Cybrary’s CompTIA Linux+ course or the CompTIA Linux+ practice exam online can help supplement the lack of practical experience.

After taking the online CompTIA Linux+ practice exam in Cybrary’s mock test, students may feel more prepared to pass the certification exam.