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Demonstrate your readiness to thrive in a digital workplace with the practical knowledge of the most widely used technologies of today. The CompTIA FC0-U51: IT Fundamentals Virtual Lab will train you on the essential technical tasks performed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals alike.

15 hours 40 minutes
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If you are ready to make your entrance into the exciting world of information technology and demonstrate you have the broad technical understanding it takes to work in the fast-paced business landscape of today, this is the ideal skill enhancement tool for you.

Regardless of the industry you work in, a professional understanding of networking and cybersecurity essentials, to hardware and software basics is necessary. Take the initiative to learn fundamental computer skills and become a standout in your field.

In this lab, you will learn critical tasks such as: setting up a workstation, conducting software installations, establishing network connectivity, identifying compatibility issues, preventing security risks, and managing the safety of computers. Not only will this lab allow you to gain hands-on skills needed as a capable professional, but it will also prepare you to confidently ace the CompTIA FC0-U51: IT Fundamentals certification exam.

Obtaining your IT Fundamentals certification signifies that you possess the fundamental knowledge to identify and explain computer components, install software, establish network connectivity and prevent security risks.

Topics of Emphasis

  • Configuring Mobile Devices

  • Installing Windows 8.1 and Fedora

  • Linux Workstation Device Driver

  • Compatibility for OS Support

  • Basic Functions of an Operating System

  • Using Productivity Software

  • Open Office and Windows Live Mail

  • Desktop Publishing, PDF Creators and Remote Desktop

  • Using Collaboration Software

  • Cloud Storage and Online Apps

  • Understand Utility Software

  • Anti-Malware, Software Firewalls, Maintenance and Compression Tools

  • Understanding Executable Files

  • Understanding File Compression Formats

  • Applying Patches and Updates for Windows Desktops

  • Understanding E-mail Configuration on a Mobile Device

  • Install and Configure Network based Anti-Malware Software

  • Understanding Network Password Management

Practice Lab Specifications

Practice Labs are pre-configured hardware layouts with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access that make studying for an exam or learning new technologies an engaging experience. Develop your comprehensive IT skills in a safe, working environment without the need to invest in your own hardware and software.

  • Practical Training on the Latest Industry Technology

  • Real Equipment, No Simulations

  • 6 Month Unified Access Available on Any Device

  • No Hardware or Licensing Costs


Practice Labs
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Complete this entire course to earn a CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U51 Lab Certificate of Completion