Welcome to the Working with History Objects Practice Lab. In this module, you will be provided with the instructions and devices needed to develop your hands-on skills.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will complete the following exercise:

  • Exercise 1 - Managing History Objects

After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Display the total number of visited web pages
  • Create back and forward buttons on the web pages

Exam Objectives

The following exam objective is covered in this lab:

  • 1.5 Complete and debug code that interacts with the Browser Object Model (BOM)

Lab Duration

It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete this lab.

Exercise 1 - Managing History Objects

In JavaScript, the History Object stores the URLs visited by the user in the browser window. This is a read-only object. You can use the properties and methods of the History object to navigate through the URLs that the user has visited in the current session of the browser window.

In this exercise, the first task will be to download the Visual Studio Code workspace from the Intranet and create a new HTML page named HistoryObjects.html in the HistoryObjects workspace.

In the second task, you will write JavaScript code to display the total number of visited web pages.

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