The Understand Protocol Security module provides you with the instruction and Server hardware to develop your hands on skills. This module includes the following exercises:

  1. Demonstrating Protocol Security
  2. Configuring Tunnelling
  3. Using Wireshark and Winpcap

Exercise 1 - Demonstrating Protocol Security

In this exercise, you will learn the following using Windows Server 2008 R2:

  • Demonstrating protocol security
  • Configuring tunneling
  • Using WireShark and Winpcap

Exercise 2 - Configuring Tunnelling

Tunnelling is also referred as encapsulation. A tunnel is a logical data path through which the data packets travel to the destination. You need to first create a network policy and access services role. After that, you need to install routing and remote access services. You need to configure and enable routing and remote access. The configuration will help the server to connect to other networks and also allow connections from remote clients.

In this task, you will learn to configure tunnelling.

Exercise 3 - Using Wireshark and Winpcap

Wireshark is a network analyzer. It can capture data packets and display information about them. You can save the captured details in a file on your system. Winpcap or Windows Packet Capture is the Windows version of the libpcap library. Wireshark uses the Winpcap library to capture live data packets on Windows.

In this task, you will learn to configuring wireshark and understanding winpcap.

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