The Understand Encryption and File Compression module provides you with the instruction and Server hardware to develop your hands on skills. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Understand BitLocker
  • Understand EFS
  • Understand File Compression

Exercise 1 - Understand BitLocker

BitLocker is a full disk encryption security feature that was first introduced in Windows Vista and further enhanced in the later Windows versions. BitLocker provides protection on operating system and data files stored in disk volumes, because encryption remains enforced even when the computer is turned off. This ensures confidentiality of disk contents as ‘offline attacks’ made by disabling Windows or physically removing the hard disk to view the contents on another computer is not possible.

BitLocker uses Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that provides integrated protection for Windows and data files during boot phase of the operating system. TPM is a microchip embedded on a system motherboard and can be enabled using the BIOS of the computer system.

Exercise 2 - Understand EFS

Encrypting File System (EFS) is a security feature built into Windows that helps secure personal folders and files on a workstation using strong encryption algorithm called DESX-a variant of Data Encryption Standard (DES) of the US government. A Windows user encrypts a folder including the files within it using a certificate and a key retrieved from the user profile.

All it takes is a check box to encrypt or decrypt a folder including the files in it. The owner of the folder including its contents can control who can read the files. EFS protects the folder and files on-the-fly because they are decrypted when opened and reverts back to being encrypted when closed.

Exercise 3 - Understand File Compression

NTFS supports a native file compression which can be used by administrators and users to maximise disk storage on their computer.

You need to have full control permission to a folder or file to be able to perform folder or file compression respectively.

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