The Plan and Manage Reporting Services Configuration module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop hands on skills in the following topic:

  • Create a native mode report server database
  • Create Reporting Services application using SharePoint Central Administration

Exercise 1 - Create a Native Mode Report Server Database

Native mode reporting services uses a SQL server database for storing published reports, models, shared data sources, session data, resources, and server metadata.

You can use the Database page in the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to create a report server database or to modify the connection string.

When you install Reporting Services, by default it is installed in native mode and the installation automatically cretaes the Report Server and Report Server TempDB databases. By default, the database names are reportserver and reportservertempdb, respectively.

Exercise 2 - Create a Reporting Services Service Application using SharePoint Central Administration

In this exercise, you will create a Reporting Services service application using SharePoint 2013.

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