The Spam Filter module provides you with the instruction and computer hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Configuring an Email Service
  • Configuring a Mail Client
  • Using Telnet to Spoof a Sender

Exercise 1 - Configuring an Email Service

In this lab you will configure a mail server based on LAMP and then practice sending unsolicited commercial e-mail or junk e-mail via a Telnet prompt. You will enable an e-mail client using Windows Live Mail and find out how it’s basic junk e-mail feature filters out unwanted e-mail from reaching its inbox . To better understand this technology, refer to your course materials.

In Ubuntu you can use a package called postfix to implement SMTP email transfer (a Mail Transfer Agent [MTA]) and dovecot to implement POP or IMAP mailbox access (a Mail Delivery Agent [MDA]).

Exercise 2 - Configuring a Mail Client

The next step is to configure a client mail program to test that the mail service in LAMP server is working.

Exercise 3 - Using Telnet to Spoof a Sender

Running an SMTP service without authenticating connecting users or computers is not a good idea. You can easily use a Telnet session to spoof the sender's email address.

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