The Folder and File Permissions module provides you with the instruction and Server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the below topics.

  • Understand Shared Folders and NTFS Permissions
  • Understand Effective Permissions

Exam Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab:

  • FC0-U51: 5.2 Explain the basic methods of navigating an operating system (Folder and file permissions).

Exercise 1 - Understand Shared Folders and NTFS Permissions

In this exercise, you will revisit file system security using Share permissions and NTFS security.

A Windows 8.1 user given the correct group membership (added to Power Users group on a local computer) can share and set NTFS permissions on folders in a file system.

Exercise 2 - Understand Effective Permissions

In corporate environments, a user will be accessing files and folders found in network servers. Network administrators apply security on the server’s file system to prevent unauthorized access to proprietary data.

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