The Configure and verify OSPF module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring OSPF areas, virtual links, authenticating OSPF. This module includes the following exercises:

  1. Configuring OSPF
  2. Configuring OSPF areas
  3. Configuring OSPF virtual links
  4. Configuring OSPF authentication
  5. Cost and timers

Exercise 1 – Configuring OSPF

In this exercise you will learn how to configure OSPF and build area 0 the backbone area.

Exercise 2 – Configuring OSPF Areas

In this exercise you will learn how to configure additional OSPF areas.

Exercise 3 – Configuring OSPF Virtual Links

In this exercise you will learn how to configure an OSPF virtual link to join an area that is not connected to the backbone.

Exercise 4 – Configuring OSPF Authentication

In this exercise you will learn how to authenticate your OSPF neighbors using both md5 and clear text authentication methods.

OSPF Authentication

OSPF authentication is very similar in configuration to EIGRP authentication you previously configured. Organisations are becoming increasingly security conscious/aware and authenticating your routing protocols is slowly becoming the norm. In areas where security is of major concern, for example DMZ’s or connections to third parties authenticating routing becomes even more important.

Exercise 5 – Cost and timers

In this final exercise you will modify OSPF timers and costs to see their impact.

Modifying Cost

First we will use NYWAN1 to manipulate the cost of a route.

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