The Configure and verify GRE module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE), this module contains the following exercises:

  1. Configuring a GRE tunnel
  2. Encrypt data using IPSec

Exercise 1 – Configuring a GRE tunnel

In this exercise you will create a GRE tunnel between NYEDGE2 and NYWAN1, NYEDGE1 in this example will the router that joins the two environments together, simulating the Internet.

Of course GRE tunnels don’t just have to run across the Internet, you can use them to joins networks that couldn’t normally occur, perhaps enabling dynamic routing across a firewall or similar problem. GRE tunnels can solve a few headaches in the real world so understanding them is very important.

Exercise 2 – Encrypt data using IPSec

In this exercise you will encrypt the data that traverses our tunnel, currently the data is wrapped up in GRE but not encrypted, we have multicast capabilities created by GRE which has enabled us to build an EIGRP AS but at the cost of sending out potentially sensitive data that could be captured and decoded, we can address this issue with IPSec.

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